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My name is Blue and I live in Liverpool, in the UK. I began collecting play dolls, mainly the hard-bodied vinyl kind that stand around 18″ tall, in late 2010. My first doll was a Gotz Hannah and her Dog, but “the gang” has rather grown since then.

A Doll’s Day is a blog about dolls: collecting them, dressing and posing them (never too old to enjoy such things after all, I’m 41) and will feature articles, photographs, links and background information about various brands and designers and hopefully interviews and even videos one day.

There is a definite UK bias here, in terms of wanting to mainly showcase dolls and resources available to folk in the UK: many of the US doll manufacturors will not sell directly to Europe due to safety legislation and other reasons. This is no reason to exclude them, just more fun to highlight things that are reasonably attainable.

I try to include useful links and resources, and because it drives me mad seeing enticing photos of dolls with little information, hopefully everything featured here will have a full description as well as where the clothes etc came from, in case folk want to hunt down the same for themselves.

I love to hear from fellow doll lovers, so feel free to comment on posts, or add my blog to your own site (and ask me to reciprocate).

All the doll photos are also featured on my Flickr page, A Doll’s Day on Flickr.

Unless otherwise stated, all images found on A Doll’s Day are © Blue 2013 and prior.


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  1. Hi
    Love the blog, just thought I would say hi and also you mentioned looking at ball jointed dolls. I used to think they were super expensive but that was five years ago lol I now have 13 so if you want to know more drop me an email!

  2. Love the blog – just discovered it today! I too am a recently 40 mumble doll collector of 18 inch (or so) vinyl play dolls. I didn’t start until my children really grew tired of their dolls. Now I have a whole room for them. If you need some US shopping done, I’d be happy to swap and send gifts back and forth. (Feel free to shoot me an email).

  3. Hi there! i just stumbled on this today, and am really impressed. I’ve spent a couple of hours going back in time and reading all your posts. Have you seen the Maplea dolls from Canada yet? A friend brought one to our doll club and I have to say, the quality is FAB! I think I’m going to purchase Saila. This is the one I saw, and she’s much prettier than the catalog photos. I have purchased clothing from them (The “Anne of Green Gables” outfit for my Addy) and it is exceptional. (No, I promise I don’t work for the company!) I was just letting you know as you seem to have an appreciation for the clothing. Anyway, you now have a faithful reader! Cheers from Canada, David

    • I’ve seen the dolls on the site and Saila is the one i’d pick too, did you see the wee husky dog for her also? I’d not seen the clothes, they’ve really expanded the range since last I looked, might be tempted! Glad you liked the blog and thanks for the headsup on the outfits 🙂

  4. Hi – loving the blog! I’m loving the outfits on the Kidz and Cats dolls – super cool. We’ve just launched our dolls at All About The and would love any feedback! Its early days but we are determined to have a UK brand of dolls that allows collection and creation whether you are 7 or 70!

  5. M. Thiesbrummel

    Hello Blue, my name is Melanie and I’m from Germany. I have a little daughter, Sophia, who completely fell in love with a doll she saw at a friend’s house. It is “The Doll” (brunette) from Sigikid and she cannot forget her. Although she is only 2,5 years old she is chattering all the time, telling me the doll looks like me (a little bit, maybe) and she wants to cook some tea for her and so on. Since now Sophia has no doll, just one I crafted. I wanted to wait till we find a special one for her. Now we did – but unfortunately Sigikid does not sell them anymore! I looked for it all over the internet. Nothing. Do you have an idea where I can buy one, no matter if new or not? I do not dare to ask if you ever thought about putting her up for adoption…?
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Melanie (and Sophia)


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