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Silver & Sparkle

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A Trio of Nellie Rose Frocks

Santa didn’t bring me any new dolls, but I’ve some gorgeous frocks to show off – the girls are delighted! Nothing says a special occasion like a fancy sparkly frock and Nellie Rose has come up trumps again with these creations.

Ariane in a Sparkly Purple Frock

This is the first of the two lilac dresses, I liked them so much I couldn’t pick between them. This is lilac satin in the bodice and skirt, with a layer of sparkly net over the skirt area, and more net beneath to give the dress body, I love the embroidery detail on the bodice, and the matching hair clip is flamboyant enough to work more as a fascinator than a hair clip. Nellie Rose always has an eye for detail and this dress is made with her usual skill and eye for design – all her outfits are one offs but there’s always something worth looking at on her website. The blue satin slippers here are from My Doll Best Friend.

Grace in a Sparkly Yellow Frock

As soon as I saw this yellow creation I knew it was just made for Grace, she’s positively glowing in this colour and it works so well against her skin tone. Again, this is a satin bodice and skirt with layered netting underneath and a layer of net with added sparkles over the skirt, set off with the big white net bow with diamante centre at the waist – it came with a matching hair bow but the clip wasn’t strong enough to stay securely in Grace’s mass of hair. She’s wearing beige tights by 123 Mulberry Street and a pair of gold sandals, and just looks adorable.

Helene in a Lilac Sparkly Frock

If there are purple outfits around you can be sure Helene is first in the queue to wear them. This one is a different shade to Ariane’s dress, though similar in design, but the layer of net over the satin skirt has many more sparkles which look like scattered stars. I like the way the brocade detail at the neck lifts the plain colour, and the satin flower detail at the waist is also nifty. The dress came with a hair clip matching the flowers but Helene’s hair is too fine for such things. The purple shoes are from the Design a Friend range. Yay Nellie Rose for three fabulous frocks.

Katy in A Silver Frock

Nellie Rose isn’t the only one capable of producing sparkly frocks – and I added this silver creation to my wishlist almost as soon as it was listed over at My Doll Best Friend. It has a satin bodice with ruched detailing, and a satin skirt with an overlay of silver lacey stuff picked out with silvery spirals, and netting beneath for body. The waist band has sparkling sequins for extra effect. The dress is sleeveless and comes with a black knitted bolero which really enhances the whole design, Katy looks most elegant here. I’ve teamed the outfit with silver shoes which aren’t showing too well in the photo, but are also from My Doll Best Friend.

Silver shoes close up

They’re just plain slippers but they really shine and are a perfect match for the frock.

Detail of Katy's silver frock

Here’s a closer look at the silver spirals on the skirt, I think this is one of my favourite outfits thus far for any of the dolls.

Katy & Ariane in Sparkly Frocks

Belles of the ball! Katy’s dress is equally stunning without the bolero, and the two colours complement each other nicely – lets hear it for satin and sparkles!


Doll Fashion from 123 Mulberry Street

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I first came across 123 Mulberry Street via the patterns on sale over at Pixie Faire, which I featured in a post a few months ago. What I’d not realised is that Sandra Brown, owner and designer also sells handmade doll outfits direct from Canada via her Etsy store of the same name. She’s on facebook too (certainly pays to advertise these things) and I fell in love with one of the outfits showcased there so headed over to see what was new.

And of course, succumbed to temptation, as postage to the UK is comparable to what I pay for doll clothes from UK shops, so how could I resist? The girls couldn’t wait to try on the new outfits.

Katy modelling a 123 Mulberry Street outfit

Here’s Katy modelling a stylish long purple knitted tunic (the knitwear is a sweater fabric rather than hand knitted, making those trendy fashions possible) with gorgeous detailing in shades of purple and a rich orange on the bottom of the tunic and on the sleeves. The outfit comes with lilac leggings, made of thick denier material which slide on beautifully and fit nice and snugly to her legs, and also a fab necklace. The boots are Kidz n Cats, from Ariane’s original outfit.

Necklace detail of 123 Mulberry Street design

Its great to see an outfit with accessories and I was impressed with how effective this simple piece is – its 3 charm beads on a length of ribbon to tie round the neck and really sets of the plain neckline of the tunic, and is a clever way of making a necklace, might borrow this idea for jewellery for myself.

.Button detail on 123 Mulberry Street outfit

The tunic fastens with velcro in back but there’s attention to detail here too, tiny pearl buttons up the length of the fastening, so pretty.

Gtace in an elegant dress from 123 Mulberry Street

I also fell in love with this elegant beige party dress with lace detailing and matching beige leggings. The leggings again are of a very soft fabric and go very well with the subtle print of the dress itself. The neckline has two tiny buttons to break up the plain design, and the fabric drapes beautifully. I matched this one with gold sandals from the Design a Friend range but any smart shoes would look good. The lace detailing is what makes the dress special, managing to be stylish but not fussy.

Lace detail on 123 Mulberry Street dress

I think Sandra has a real flair for design at this size, I really was spoilt for choice amongst her various outfits and the quality was excellent; she has a real eye for lines and colours and the clothes are very different from other ranges, so she’s happily on my favourite designer list now, though its hard not to go wild and pick up everything available – the outfits are one-offs, in the main, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Many of the outfits have inventive necklace designs to complete the look also.

I don’t sew, but the design flair also applies to the 123 Mulberry Street sewing patterns available via Pixie Faire, so there’s something to suit everyone here basically.

As for Katy and Grace, they want to wear these clothes forever and ever.

Katy & Grace in 123 Mulberry Street fashions