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Our Generation Dolls now at Smyths Toy Shops

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Our Generation Doll Ayla

Our Generation Doll Ayla

Great news, the Our Generation range of dolls and accessories are available nationwide at Smyths toy shops, as well as via the Smyths online site. The shop seems to be selling a good number of the 18″ posable dolls I first mentioned here along with several horses, the scooter and various items of furniture and other cool items. They also have the mini dolls – with the weekend coming up it could be an ideal time for a quick trip to your local shop to view the delights on offer.

Thanks to reader Beth Gould for telling me about this!

Smyths Toys website


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  1. Do you know where to buy Journey Girls and other 18 inch dolls/outfits/accessories in the UK?

    • Journey Girls are available from Toys R Us, although they only have a couple & not the outfits or accessories. As for other 18″ dolls & clothes, see the sidebar for links to online shops like My Doll Best Friend; a few bricks and mortar shops do sell them but it tends to be specialist shops, you’d have to google.

      • Oh, Argos have their own brand of dolls, Design a Friend, and there are people on Ebay making clothes for the Design a Friend dolls also, which is handy.

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