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Lydia, Your Georgian Girl from A Girl for All Time

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Lyda, Your Georgian Girl

Great news, there’s another family member due to join the historical dolls from A Girl for All Time. Following on from the success of Mathilda (Tudor), Amelia (Victorian) and Clementine (1940s), Lydia’s look, outfit and story are clever time capsules of history for young girls to learn and play along with.

According to the press release:

Lydia, Your Georgian Girl, wears a gorgeous yellow dress in the robe a l’angaise style, popular of that era. Her life is turned upside down in an accompanying book telling the story of how she must leave England and her beloved home, seat of the Marchmont family for over 200 years, to start a new life with her family in the American colonies. Additional historically-inspired costumes are now also available for Lydia, including a stunning blue party dress and meticulously detailed riding outfit.

The new doll will join her sisters later this year.

Find out more about the A Girl for All Time range (with historical outfits, novels and accessories) at the website.


Costume Party (Countdown to Christmas)

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Another in my series of seasonal suggestion posts..

Christmas (and New Year), the perfect time for parties and dressing up. And there are plenty of options out there for the dolls to strut their stuff and turn themselves into historical characters or indulge in some fantasy.

Silver party dress with jacket

For example, here’s a fab sparkly silver party dress and bolero that happens to be on my list from Santa this year, very elegant with pretty layered skirts and a glittery waistband, from My Doll Best Friend here; the shoes and headband are available separately.

Flamenco dress

Or go a bit more vibrant and be ready for dancing with this eye-catching flamenco two piece also from My Doll Best Friend, the floral and red chiffon tutu with red satin bow detail is paired with a red jersey camisole, here.

"Nifty '50s" outfit

Here’s a cute blast from the past, the Nifty 50’s outfit from The Dolls House consists of a black polo shirt, pink felt roiund skirt with tulle underneath for body, a belt with buckle and a matching pink chiffon scarf, ideal for the dance floor! Here it is.

Flapper costume

The Charleston more your thing? Let the dolls turn back time to the early 20th century with this gorgeous flapper outfit, the fringed sparkly dress is set off by long pink gloves, feather and diamente head dress, necklace and a tote bag (which I don’t think quite matches…). Another gem from My Doll Best Friend at this link.

Victorian dress

Maybe the 1920s are too recent, lets go back further in time to when ladies wore more elaborate gowns, like this pretty purple and white Victorian style dress from Petalina, I especially like the little violet roses and that flowered collar. Find it here.

Marie Antionette gown

Ah, why not zoom another hundred years or so back to pre-Revolutionary France, where ladies of the court wore impossible complex gowns with layers of the finest fabrics imaginable. This Marie Antoinette dress conjures up the era beautifully, with a rich pink satin overgown trimmed with gold and enveloping the  ruffled ivory satin layers beneath, with gold stitching detail and little pink satin roses to the bodice.  Another delight from Petalina, here.

Butterfly Fairy costume

History is all very well, but pure fantasy has no limits, any doll could float prettily round the room as a butterfly fairy in shades of pink and lilac: the satin and velvet bodice complements the layers of lilac and white netting that form the skirt, decorated with tiny sparkly sequins shaped like butterflies. And of course a fairy must have wings, made of lilac net and organza that simply velcro on to the back of the dress.  Find your fairy garb here.

Not enough of the pretty dresses? Don’t forget the many prom dresses from Frilly Lily I posted about here.

Not enough history? Then the A Girl for All Time dolls and outfits, currently with a Tudor, Victorian and 1940s doll and clothing might fit the bill – details in this post.

All images © My Doll Best Friend, The Dolls House and Petalina

Sew a Chair! Or shoes, or a dress..

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I like to think I have several talents, but will freely admit that sewing isn’t one of them. So its not surprising that I’m late to come across the many doll outfit patterns available for those with decent skills in that respect – a recent post by my friend Rick about a pair of dungarees he crafted for his Kidz n Cats doll Jason (aka Alister) got me thinking, and then some random googling today revealed that not only are there patterns to knit, sew and crochet clothes but you can make shoes. And chairs.

Yes, I said “chairs”.

Doll Tag Square Chair pattern

Proof, if you needed it: a chair pattern. Which looks rather nifty, actually.

This and other designs are available via Pixie Faire which hosts a whole range of creative craftable patterns from various designers, including Liberty Jane and Melodie Valerie Couture (the latter sell custom dresses via their Etsy shop). There are clothes sized for American Girl, as one might expect, but also A Girl for All Time, Karito Kids, even BFC Ink dolls.

You can search by designer or doll brand or just browse the categories – I have to say the Melodie Valerie offerings make me wish I had confidence with a sewing machine. Er, and a sewing machine, come to think.

MMelody Valerie dress patterns

Patterns are downloadable .pdf files, and clearly state the requirements for making them (fabric, fastenings etc) on the individual item page, as well as an indication of skill level. The site also has free sewing tips and some tutorial videos giving you step-by-step guides to some of the simpler styles. The prices range from $3.99 to $8.99 depending on the designer and the pattern but there are some free patterns availble to download also. There’s other furniture to make, also designs for bags, plenty to keep a crafty person occupied for a long time.

And they have patterns for shoes, did I mention the shoes? Boots, as well..

Miche Designs boot pattern

What doll wouldn’t be proud to own such a pair of boots? Given skills with sewing, foam cutting and hot glue guns it seems anything is possible. Even if you’ve limited craft/sewing skills like myself, the Pixie Faire site is well worth a visit to admire the designs and plenty of pretty doll pictures.

A Girl for All Time – Clementine

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I just read some great news – the fab people behind the award-winning A Girl for All Time dolls, a range of historical dolls based on the family tree of the imagined Marchmont family, have revealed the third doll in the series.

Clementine is from the 1940s and as with the other dolls will have era-specific clothing and a storybook (to buy separately) about her everyday life, based on real historical data. I love her sweet face:

Clementine will be available to buy from September 2013 and I’m sure will be as popular and successfull as the previous two dolls in the range, which are Matilda, a Tudor girl and Amelia, from the Victorian era. Matilda’s dress, evening wear, cloak and nightdress are all beautifully made and sure to delight any little girl (or adult collector, I’m greatly enamoured of this doll!).

Amelia’s clothes are equally enticing, and historically accurate down to even the underwear. She also has her own tea-set made of porcelain which is going straight on my wishlist, methinks.

All dolls are 16″ tall and fairly slender, so likely can’t easily share clothes with the 18″ ranges, but the costumes and detail on the official clothes are what help makes these creations truly special, in my view.

Find out more about the dolls at the official website, A Girl for All Time, where you can also buy everything to do with them.

All images copyright A Girl for All time