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Paola Reina Fashion

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I’m piggybacking somewhat on a post by Maxine over at her blog for My Doll Best Friend, because she showcased some of the many gorgeous outfits made by Spanish doll company Paola Reina for the Soy Tu range of dolls, which fit other 18″ standing dolls perfectly. And I couldn’t resist at least one outfit..

Maru in a Paola Reina dress

Here’s Maru modelling the Paola Reina “lilac floral dress set” which consists of a lovely cotton dress in shades of lilac and pink, with lilac cap sleeves, a lilac ribbon trim at the hemline, and a crossover bodice detail. Tied at the waist with organza ribbon which is gathered into a rosette at the front, its worn over lilac leggings and comes with a matching hair band that ties with more lilac ribbon.

As you can see it fits very nicely and is such a great choice for the hot summer weather, lilac is one of my favourite colours for dolls clothes and it makes a change from the usual range of pink you usually see.

I’m pleased with the quality of the outfit, each piece is cut out and stitched well and the fabric is good quality. The fit on Maru is excellent, I’m sure the dress will look equally great on Katy and the others also!

I will definitely be getting more clothes from this range.

My Doll Best Friend has the lilac outfit featured, along with other Paola Reina clothing and the Soy Tu dolls range along with other sized dolls and suitable clothing for same.


Paola Reina – Las Reinas

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Las Reinas Mei

This lovely little lady is Mei, one of the gorgeous dolls in the Las Reinas (Queens) range by Spanish doll company Paola Reina.

Each doll in the range is 60cm tall, so a great deal larger than the Kidz n Cats, Gotz or indeed the Paola Reina Soy Tu range (which I posted about here). All Las Reinas dolls have articulating arms, legs, heads, and joints; their knees and elbows bend and their wrists and feet can turn. They are made from vanilla scented vinyl with rooted vinyl hair and have large eyes with lashes, which do not close.

Being so much larger, the dolls cannot share clothes with the 50cm/18″ dolls, but luckily the company produce a limited number of outfits sized for the dolls, all of which look to be of high quality.

Other Las Reinas dolls include Sandra:

Las Reinas Sandra

And Lidia..

Las Reinas Lidia

There’s a comprehensive review of one of the dolls, Marta, including photos of her with American Girl and Karito Kids dolls for size comparisons and a wealth of detail about the jointing and other aspects of these dolls over at The Toy Box Philosopher.

Las Reinas dolls and outfits are currently available in the UK at My Doll Best Friend.


All images ©Paola Reina

Paola Reina Soy Tu Dolls

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Paola Reina Soy Tu Dolls

I have to say I’m loving Maxine over at My Doll Best Friend right now, because she’s announced yet another doll range for us all to enjoy, following on from the Schildkrot, Via-E and Maru & Friends ranges showcased recently. The sweet little faces above belong to dolls from the Soy Tu range by Spanish doll manufacturor Paola Reina. Unusually these days, the dolls and component parts are all sourced within Europe and the dolls are made in the Alicante region. Each doll has jointed limbs, sleep eyes and a light vanilla scent.

The dolls are 16″ tall, slightly smaller than the Kidz n Cats and Gotz ranges, but can share some clothes. The actual Soy Tu outfits have been designed by the well-known Ruth Treffeisen and I have to say they are gorgeous, and very stylish designs. The company has designed the range of Soy Tu dolls (it means “I am you” in Spanish) to reflect ethnic variety, hence the very different faces shown above.

The dolls are currently in stock at My Doll Best Friend and there’s a blog post with more detailed information and many more pictures and close-ups to give you a better idea of how they look. Maxine will be offering clothes to fit the Soy Tu dolls also.

With Christmas coming up I reckon these would be the ideal choice for a younger doll-lover, though I might well be tempted by the redhead myself, I’m a pushover when it comes to dolls with freckles!

Image © My Doll Best Friend