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A limited edition Harry Potter doll based on the J K Rowling books

Design a Friend Morning Suit

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Its wedding bells all over for the Chad Valley Design a Friend dolls, with a bridal dress, morning suit, bridesmaid dress and even a bridesmaid version of the little sister doll available. And I couldn’t resist such a smart suit for my boy dolls.

Harry in a suit

And here’s Harry looking very smart indeed!

The suit comprises dark grey long tailed jacket with a high collar, matching trousers and a one piece white shirt with attached pale grey waistcoast (vest for the US folk) along with a satin tie in a bright pink shade to match the wedding theme (the bridesmaid dresses are in pink and the bridal gown has pink accents).

Harry in his suit, back detail

Back detail of the jacket, which is very elegant.

Harry's suit - waistcoat detail

The waistcoat fastens with velcro, which is handy for getting access to the shirt front and collar to tie the tie and line it up neatly. The trousers fasten with velcro at the fly and lie nicely flat against the body.

Harry's suit - the shoes

To complete the look, a pair of black shiny lace up shoes is also supplied.

Harry's suit with little sister bridesmaid doll

And here’s Harry posing with the little sister bridesmaid doll (reviewed here) to show the full effect of the wedding party play options.

I’m impressed with the design and quality of this outfit, the fabric is heavy duty cotton with a nice sheen to it, the styling is excellent and fits nicely, although its a little loose on Harry (the Design a Friend Josh doll is rather more muscled). The shoes are also well-made and the overall effect is pretty darn elegant. Boy doll outfits are always harder to come by and this is great value too (there’s a suit available in the Carpatina range for more than twice the price, which also only really fits the slim Carpatina bodies). Well done Chad Valley and Argos!



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It’s Halloween! It’s Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can’t be seen
On any other night.

Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms.


In masks and gowns
We haunt the street
And knock on doors
For trick or treat.

Tonight we are
The king and queen,
For oh tonight
It’s Halloween!

– Jack Prelutsky

Halloween and the gang were keen to don costumes for some spooky fun – little witches and a pirate, even Rapunzel! Somewhere out of shot is a small Alex running around and tripping over Harry’s Hogwarts robes and Jamie pouting because he didn’t get to wear the pirate hat..

Harry as Pirate Captain

Harry buckling his swashes rather handsomely as a dread pirate complete with hat – not sure what the owl is doing there but its suitably spooky, ooooh! With romantic flouncy shirt and buckled boots he’s a real dandy.

Alice as a Halloween Witch

Oh, that’s a scary skull to accompany Witch Alice and her wee pumpkin! No hat, the purple hair is much more fun, everyone should have purple shiny hair at some point in time.. and purple skirts, and purple and gold shiny stars on the bodice, oh yes.

Helene as a Halloween Witch

Its that owl again, keeping Helene company – she’s too cute as a witch, with shiny cobwebs decorating her dress, hard to see the jewelled spider choker that completes the ensemble. And a pointy hat, can’t really be a witch without a pointy hat (unless you have shiny purple hair to show off, Alice wants to point out…)

Katy as Halloween Rapunzel

Spooky or classy? Katy loves her Rapunzel dress, and couldn’t pick between owl and skull so posed with both. The gold braiding detail shimmers delightfully by candlelight, she could be the belle of any ball, any time of year.

Two Little Witches

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble – two little witches and mischief’s doubled! The skull’s not really that scary, quite friendly really (he watches over me while I sleep to keep the bad things away..)

Katy & Harry as Rapunzel and Pirate Captain

Such a handsome couple stepping out ready to show off their costumes – do pirates dance the waltz? All the running around in the rigging should make them pretty nimble.

None of the dolls are going trick or treating but there are plenty of sweets lined up, and maybe they’ll get to duck for apples at a halloween party on October 31st.. it’ll be spooktacular fun!

Katy as Rapunzel in b&w

Helene’s witch costume and Harry’s pirate made by Nellie Rose. Boots with buckles by Gotz

Katy’s Rapunzel dress from mydollboutique along with the pumpkin

Alice’s sparkly leotard and black and purple tutus from My Doll Best Friend; hair accessory from Tesco

LED flickering candles – much safer than real flames around dolls and fabric – via Amazon

Stuffed owl & skull part of my own home decor (the skull’s been with me 20 years now…)

When Harry Met Maru

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Maru is having her photo taken in a lovely white broderie dress to be featured on the blog, she feels so pretty:

Maru in white

“I love this dress, it makes me feel special,”she smiles

Meanwhile someone has noticed..

Harry & Jamie

“Psst, Jamie,” whispers Harry, “Who’s the girl in the white dress?”

“Oh, that’s Maru. She babysits for me and Alex sometimes.. Why?”

Harry just stares at Maru.

Maru & Harry Meet..

“Um, hi, ” stammers Harry. “I’m Harry!”

“Oh, um, nice to meet you Harry” Maru replies, thinking, ::he’s really cute, and those muscles, he looks my age too!::

Maru & Harry 2

::got to pluck up my courage:: thinks Harry.

“Um, Maru?”


“I just wanted to say..”


Maru & Harry 3

“I think you’re lovely!” Harry manages, and blushes

“Oh… Oh, thankyou, Harry, that’s so sweet,” says Maru

“Do you.. do you want to go out? Um, somewhere. With me, I mean?” asks Harry

Maru smiles happily, “I like that idea.”

Maru & Harry 4

Harry Potter – Gotz

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Portrait of Harry

I’ve been a huge Harry Potter fan since pretty  much the first book, so I was excited to discover via another doll blog that Gotz had made doll versions of Harry, Hermione and Ron, with faces designed by reknowned doll artist Hildegard Günzel. They’re hard to come by however: Gotz gained the European license to make dolls based on the characters back in 2001 and they were limited editions, so its really a matter of luck and watching Ebay and elsewhere in the hope that a doll will pop up. You hardly ever see Hermione or Ron, unfortunately, though as they are based on the book descriptions rather than the films (the first film only came out in 2001) all three dolls are rather different from the now familiar faces of Daniel Radclliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. This is no bad thing in the case of Harry Potter as he retains the vivid green eyes of J K Rowling’s imagination, rather than Daniel’s blue ones.

How do I know this? Because I was lucky enough to grab myself a Harry doll from Ebay, and at rather amazing price! The original dolls came with a broom and Harry’s trademark glasses held together with tape, and a limited edition tag, all in a HP themed box. The doll I got was pre-loved, so no box, no broom, no glasses and no limited edition number. Not good for a true collector for whom such things matter, but fine by me – the numbered tag would get put in a drawer, the broom would end up on a shelf, ignored and as for the glasses, they’re easily replaced by a pair without the tape (poor Harry, nobody ever took him to an optician…).

Harry Potter in Hogwarts uniform

So here he is! He comes dressed in a red and white stripey jumper, jeans, trainers and a rather lush black velvet Hogwarts robe held together with two gold buttons and a twist of gold braid, with the Hogwarts crest embroidered on the left hand side.  As well as the afore-mentioned green eyes he has the trademark messy dark hair and the scar on his forehead. He’d clearly been on a shelf gathering dust for a while, and the velvet had picked up a lot of pet hairs. He also has a bit of damage, a ding to his nose which is less noticeable than I expected – deductive reasoning suspects that the pet hairs and ding add up to a cat knocking the poor doll off a shelf to bounce face first off the floor!

Harry Potter's face

The doll and clothing smelled a little stale and dusty, so his clothes ended up in the wash (except for the robe) and Harry himself was destined for a bath. Well, a good sponge down with baby soap and a wash cloth as per the advice given by Gotz themselves. I also went over his hair to freshen it up – here he is wrapped in a towel drying off:

Harry Potter after a bath

In terms of body shape Harry is about an inch taller than the other Gotz dolls I have and rather more slender. He’s jointed at the arms and legs and neck, with quite expressive (and large!) hands . The body style is older than the standing child dolls, because of course Harry in the books starts out at school age, 11 years old. Some of the pairs of jeans I have were therefore too generous in the waist (shades of Dudley’s cast-offs!) but he fit this pair of Kidz n Cats jeans nicely. The t-shirt and shirt are by Nellie Rose. A different pair of shoes and he’s as good as new.

Harry Potter posing

I may try and find a pair of glasses to replace the ones he should have had but personally I think he looks more handsome without, love the shade of green on his eyes. And he could be any young man rather than a certain wizard, after all, as the scar isn’t too prominent thanks to that messy hair (which really adds character). Some of the online images I’ve seen of this doll and the other two have made it seem as though the heads are too long, the forehead an odd ratio to the rest of the face but that’s just poor photography, methinks.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with the doll, makes a nice addition to the “gang” here – I may consider looking out for the Ron and Hermione dolls to join him, though I’m not sure the faces are as attractive. Harry though is just a wee darling!

Harry Potter in b&w