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2015 Year in Blogging

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WordPress sent me a summary of the year’s statistics for A Doll’s Day, so for curiousity’s sake I thought I’d share:

A Dolls Day Year in Blogging 2015

Not much in the way of posts from my end due to family issues, but great to see the comments and hits mounting up, thankyou to everyone who has visited, shared links, left a message or just generally been involved with the blog over the year!


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  1. Hope the old year ended well for you. All the best for the New Year

    • Thanks you too 🙂

      • The Kidz n Cats website has been… altered…

        On the flip side there seem to be new dolls in the pipeline.

        Luckily for me, no evidence (yet) of a boy wish-doll…

      • Hard to tell, I’m getting the german version of a 404 right now! 🙂 Some lovely dolls and a wee boy doll in the minis, is that not tempting, little friend for Jason? I’ve one of the girl minis and she’s so sweet, will definitely be getting her a male friend when they’re in the shops.

  2. Yeah, it’s not the most informative of 404s either… 😉

    I found replacing the first part of the host name with www made things work a bit better, but it’s still a bit random. I found Nico somewhere else. I havn’t spotted the new minis yet, but I’ll have a look…

    I’m still gathering courage to do a wig replacement operation on Jason…

    • I have replaced Jason’s wig. Before-and-after photos may take a while, though, as I’m still dealing with a large backlog of holiday photos…

      • …and after some consideration, and with an impression in mind, I showed him to Teddy last weeked. Teddy’s first comment comfirmed my impression. He said “It looks a bit small. Try the next size up.” Hopefully a suitable wig will arrive in the post shortly… 😉

      • Pictures to follow, probably on LJ, maybe later this week. 😉

  3. mary helen cook

    were can i buy a replacment pair of boots for a design a frend josh doll can someone help me thank you


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