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My Kidz n Cats Bobo doll, 9 joints, discontinued

Introducing Jason [Guest Post]

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Time to meet a new doll! Here’s a guest post by my good friend Rick, with some help from his friend Jason:

Jason: Hi. I’m a Kidz’n’Cats “Alister”, but I answer to Jason. Sometimes I also answer to “Trouble”. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that?

Rick: It’s just over two years since Jason arrived. Alex and Jamie had no small part to play in setting off the train of events. Like Alex, Jason is a Kidz’n’Cats “Alister”. He came to me from KR Bears and Dolls. I’d been warned about the pink box. The intense scent released when I opened the box was a bit of a surprise. It clung to Jason for quite a while.

Jason: Coming out of my box was quite an experience. I’d been well tied in, but eventually I was free. Then, it seemed, I needed a check-up, so my clothes had to come off, too. I was a bit shy about that, but I got dressed again as soon as I’d been given a full bill of health. It was too warm for my full outfit, so I left my coat and cap behind when I went off to explore my new home.

Jason Exploring

Here I am in looking at some flowers in the rock garden, and by a fireplace on a chilly day.

One set of clothes, even when it’s as good a set as I came in, only goes so far. I needed some other clothes.

Rick: I spent a while searching the Net, and saw a pair of overalls on Wren*Feathers that looked good. I bought the pattern, and some sewing spread over a few days turned an old shirt into a pair of overalls. They’re not quite as well-made as the ones shown on Wren*Feathers site, but that’s down to my sewing ability. Jason looks good in them. I also visited Nellie Rose’s site.

Jason: A few days later a nicely wrapped present arrived.

Jason's First From NellieRose

Rick: Here he is, sitting in a favourite spot modelling some of them.

Jason's New Clothes

Jason: When the weather turned colder I got another present. The hoodie was just what I needed for some more outdoors exploring. Take a look at this huge toadstool!

Jason's Second From Nellie Rose

Rick: Then, for a while, he seemed to have enough clothing to cover most occasions, and things settled down.

Jason: Some days I spend in the bedroom where I sleep, and other days I spend sitting in my favourite place. Sometimes I go out and about a bit. I’ve even been away at conventions on a couple of occasions. There I met others a bit like myself, but I didn’t manage to get any pictures of me with them, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Rick: Recently, I’ve been back to Nellie Rose again, and he now has a couple more outfits. He tends to mix and match things, and in this photo he was wearing one item from each of the three packages.

Jason' s Third From Nellie Rose

Jason: As you can see, I like my new clothes. I wonder whether I’ll have to wait another two years for some more.

Rick: I still have some un-finished sewing projects that may expand his wardrobe if I ever manage to complete them, but he seems happy enough with the clothes he has, for now…

Big thanks to Rick & Jason for that!

All images © Rick Hewett


When Harry Met Maru

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Maru is having her photo taken in a lovely white broderie dress to be featured on the blog, she feels so pretty:

Maru in white

“I love this dress, it makes me feel special,”she smiles

Meanwhile someone has noticed..

Harry & Jamie

“Psst, Jamie,” whispers Harry, “Who’s the girl in the white dress?”

“Oh, that’s Maru. She babysits for me and Alex sometimes.. Why?”

Harry just stares at Maru.

Maru & Harry Meet..

“Um, hi, ” stammers Harry. “I’m Harry!”

“Oh, um, nice to meet you Harry” Maru replies, thinking, ::he’s really cute, and those muscles, he looks my age too!::

Maru & Harry 2

::got to pluck up my courage:: thinks Harry.

“Um, Maru?”


“I just wanted to say..”


Maru & Harry 3

“I think you’re lovely!” Harry manages, and blushes

“Oh… Oh, thankyou, Harry, that’s so sweet,” says Maru

“Do you.. do you want to go out? Um, somewhere. With me, I mean?” asks Harry

Maru smiles happily, “I like that idea.”

Maru & Harry 4

Maru and the Boys

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Maru in a pink t-shirt with roses

Hello Maru, you look very pretty today

“Yes, its my new outfit, I love these pink roses!” Maru replies

Going somewhere special?

“Just babysitting…”

Alice & Maru in b&w

“Hey, its my turn to babysit,” complains Alice.

“She’s taking photos of us all, and I got here first!” comes the response.

Now, girls, there’ll be plenty of other chances – Alice, do you really want to keep those two rascals under control?

“Hmm, you might be right…” Alice agrees

Alex with Jamie in his pjs

“We’re not rascals!!” saysAlex, indignantly. “Look, Jamie’s in his pjs already!”

That’s very good Jamie. Maru, what story will you be telling them tonight?

“Its a secret! I’ll whisper it to him though..”

Maru whispering to Jamie

::much whispered discussion::

Something wrong?

“He doesn’t want to hear about the rainbow elephant, can you read us the story about Fei Li and the pandas please?” explains Maru

That’s a bit exciting for bedtime… oh, go on then. Where did we get to last time?

Karito KIds Ling book

Um, Alex?

“Huh? I mean, yes?”

You don’t look ready for bed yet..

Alex in a red check shirt

“Er.. I was helping Jamie? And I can’t undo these laces myself… Maru, can you help me?”

You do the innocent look very well there! I’ll believe you, thousands wouldn’t.

Wait a sec, why don’t you all pose for a photo and then you can get changed and have your story.

Maru and the boys

There we go. So cute!

“We’re not cute!! We’re boys, we don’t do cute!” grumbles Alex

“You can say I’m cute, I don’t mind” Jamie mumbles, blushing.

Jamie blushing

Maru giggles.


Jamie’s pyjamas, Alex’s shirt and Maru’s jeans all made by Nellie Rose

Alex’s jeans and boots part of a Kidz n Cats original outfit

Pink roses t-shirt from My Doll Best Friend

Alex – Kidz n Cats

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Another day, another doll to share and show off! This time its the turn of Alex, who is a Kidz n Cats Alister doll. Created in 2011 he was one of the first of the 11 jointed dolls in the Kidz n Cats range (since then all new dolls have had 11 joints) and is one of only 3 boy dolls in the current range.

Portrait of Alex

Alex has short brown hair and blue eyes (brown eyes would make more sense but those baby blues are gorgeous nonetheless) and a sweet expression. The Kidz n Cats dolls share face moulds between girl and boy dolls so its impressive how boyish he looks, and slighly mischievous too.

He’s shown here in one of the many cute boy outfits made by Nellie Rose, but I have to say his original clothing takes the biscuit and he didn’t get changed out of those clothes for months after he joined the gang here.  Said outfit comprises a pale blue t-shirt, a beige checked long sleeve cotton shirt with buttons, over the top of which is worn a grey tweed jacket with a clever insert to look as though he’s also wearing a waistcoat. He has stone-wash jeans with dark grey legwarmers (sounds a little odd but looks great), little cotton boxer shorts and finally some really heavy duty boots and thick grey socks. Oh and a matching tweed cap.

Here’s the offical pic from the With Heart and Soul website:

Alister offical pic

Most of the dolls come with a cat and I should mention that Alex/Alister’s feline friend also sports a tiny tweed cap!

I think the whole ensemble and his face give him quite the urchin look, destined to melt the hardest heart – a real character, in fact apart from the jeans which would be anachronistic he makes me think he should be one of Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street irregulars, dashing about and getting into trouble, a wee cockney tearaway with of course a heart of gold.

He looks great in more modern clothes too, the jeans & boots here are the originals, teamed with a Nellie Rose shirt.

Alex Posing

I mentioned the 11 joints, I’ve talked before about the posability of these dolls but I think the extra wrist joints do allow for more expressive poses, even if sometimes the hands never seem to be pointing quite the same way. Now, is he asking for a hug or about to catch something?

Alex's hands

My other Kidz n Cats boy doll is Jamie (the now-discontinued Bobo) and they look great together, blue eyed darlings the both of them, hanging around and planning what to play next. The only differences I suppose are the different hair colours and slightly different styles but you’d not mistake one for t’other, demonstrating Sonja Hartmann’s real skill in ensuring each doll stands out from the crowd.

Alex and Jamie portrait

Jamie has the edge in terms of looks and is my favourite of the two but Alex comes a very close second here and deserves a place in anybody’s collection, or as a special friend for a little girl (or boy).

Alexin black & white

Whether he looks like an urchin or a 21st century kid, Alex/Alister is cute as a button, and there can never be too many boy dolls out there.

Image with tweed cap © With Heart and Soul

Jamie’s first day

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Jamie by Blueisblue25
Jamie, a photo by Blueisblue25 on Flickr.

I found a snap on my phone of Jamie shortly after unboxing him, he didn’t even make it out of the kitchen before posing for posterity! I love the way he, and many other of the Kidz n Cats dolls, look like real little people, just hanging out.

Jamie – Kidz n Cats

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Jamie, aka Kidz n Cats Bobo

Jamie, aka Kidz n Cats Bobo

Time to introduce one of the dolls who’ll be turning up here from time to time. This is Jamie, a Kidz n Cats Bobo doll from 2011 – they’ve sadly discontinued the Bobo dolls, which is a shame as he has a very cute face and lovely hair compared to some of the other boy dolls, such as  the newest version of Jakob. He has 9 joints, and poses very nicely. I think his replacement in the range is Tim, who has green eyes where Bobo’s are blue.

His outfit is made by Nellie Rose – for once the top is a pull on affair rather than with velcro or press studs. I think the neckerchief really makes this outfit. The boots are also from her site, lovely supple brown leather with real laces.