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Making Doll-Sized Pancakes Video

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First of all, I’m sharing this cute video of doll-sized pancake making because I can just imagine the dolls coming in and settling down for a treat, I do *not* recommend any younger readers of the blog try any of this – playing with naked flame is a bad idea. I’m an adult and I reckon I’d have burnt my paws if it were me using such tiny things….

Still and all, its very cute, many thanks to a good friend for finding this for me to share.

And now I really want proper sized pancakes made on a proper stove, yum..


Doll Wishlists

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Wishlists – yes, we all have them. The doll we want most, the one we want next, the one we’re saving up for, the one that got away and might turn up on Ebay. And of course with all the new ranges coming out soon, there’s a lot of temptation. So, a poll! What’s riding highest on your current list? What brand is luring you the most?

Happy New Year!

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Fireworks Display

Yay, a new year ahead of us – what will it bring in terms of dolls, outfits and general dolly fun? Watch this space and we’ll find out together!

Image &copy: BBC

Fab Furniture (Countdown to Christmas)

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Another in my series of seasonal gift suggestion posts..

Ok, you have your dolls, and your outfits, but they need some things to make life more interesting, or at least just places to chill out. Luckily, there is doll-sized furniture available – this great shot from mydollboutique shows some of the options available, from beds and wardrobes to chairs and even a chest of drawers:

Furniture showcase from mydollbourique

All these and several other items are to be found at the mydollboutique furniture page.

With several dolls, why not invest in bunk beds? I love these ones from My Doll Best Friend, made of hard wood with pink cotton bedding they’re ideal for a doll sleepover. Find them here. There are matching single beds in this design available also.

White bunk beds from My Doll Best Friend

And why have one chair when you could have two and a matching table to boot? Again from My Doll Best Friend, this set is of solid wooden construction, though will need an adult to assemble. Click here

White wooden table and chairs from My Doll Best Friend

Here are some fancier chairs with table from mydollboutique, they’ve been on my wishlist for ages, I must admit – you’ll find them on this page.

Fancy wooden chairs & table from mydollboutique

Personally I’ve fallen in love with these pink metal frame beds that My Doll Best Friend is stocking along with her wooden beds. They come with bedding in pink heart, white heart, pink patchwork and the white patchwork design shown. Sadly, while the furniture above is ideal for 18″ dolls, these beds are a little smaller, so will give a good night’s sleep to Soy Tu, Schildkrot and other 45cm dolls only.. The bedding sets are availble to buy separately, which is handy. This bed and the others can be found via this link.

Pink metal bed from My Doll Best Friend

As a final shout out for doll bed design, here’s a clever one from Petalina. This beech wood bed comes with pink butterfly bedding as shown and is the perfect size for 18″ dolls such as Gotz. Petalina’s page can be seen here

Beech bed from Petalina

So what’s the clever part? Well, you can buy extras for it – buy a second bed and a ladder and voila, bunk beds. Or stick with a single bed, add rockers and yet another style of sweet dreams for your beloved doll to drift away with.

Beech bed with bunk & rocker options, from Petalina

Oh and finally, wardrobes! Along with the mydollboutique one shown in the top most image, you can find nifty wardobes like this plain white one by Kidkraft over at Petalina: here

Kidkraft white wooden doll wardrobe

And this fancier pink-curtained version is over at The Dolls House here.

Pink curtained doll wardrobe from The Dolls House

Yep, going to some nicely furnished doll bedrooms in the offing with any of the items above, we’re all definitely spoilt for choice.

Images © Petalina, My Doll Boutique, My Doll Best Friend, The Dolls House & Kidkraft

Cardboard Creativity (Countdown to Christmas)

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As the dreaded or delightful season of gift giving looms ever closer I decided to do a series of posts with some suggestions of what would be great stocking fillers or big pressies for doll-lovers, doll-owners or dolls themselves.

A little while ago I featured the rather ingenious village shop, made all of cardboard, from Frilly Lily, which you can read about in detail here, and which looks like this:

Frilly Lily Village Shop

If you fancy something a little less pink, or a gift that’s even more creative howver, I found two great “colour-in” buildings, a castle and a house, over at mydollboutique.

Colour in cardboard castle

The castle is a decent size, over a meter wide and nearly that tall (exact dimensions are 96.5 x 109 x 89 cm) and comes flat packed in panels that slot together. It can be coloured in with pen, pencil, paint or whatever seems suitable, and has pre-printed details of stonework, windows, door etc. The drawbridge lowers, even! As you can see in the pic above it looks great all coloured in, although I’m not sure blue would be my choice. Its a good mix of play and art that should make for hours of fun for the lucky recipient. Its hard to tell scale, but there was a pic of the castle with two dolls dressed as princesses (mydollboutique has lovely princess dresses also) that really shows what a substantial object this is:

Colour-in cardboard castle with dolls

If your taste runs to the more mundane, there is also a playhouse in the same range, same flat-pack panel design to be assembled and coloured, with outlines of flowers, grass, fencing and a tree on the sides, an opening door & window –  there’s even a wee chimney! Final dimensions for the house are slightly smaller than the castle at 89 x 63.5 x 96.5cm.

Colour-in cardboard house

Hats off to whoever came up with these designs, I think they’re just great! And at around £20-£25 each won’t break the bank.

Follow the links below to find them:

Frilly Lily village store
Colour-in castle at mydollboutique
Colour-in house at mydollboutique
Princess dresses at mydollboutique

Images © Frilly Lily and mydollboutique respectively.


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I’m pleased to announce A Doll’s Day now has a facebook presence, the link to same can be found in the wee black box at the bottom of the sidebar, down on the right of this page. Feel free to hit “like” while you’re there.

There’s also an RSS feed available via the handy button at the top of this site.

And if you check the About page there’s a link to Flickr, which will soon be swimming with fab doll pics. I love the way all these things integrate so easily.


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The first post on a brand new blog devoted to dolls, more specifically standing 18″ dolls such as Kidz n Cats, Gotz and similar.

There will be pictures, ponderings, links to cool sites and much more!