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Lydia, Your Georgian Girl from A Girl for All Time

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Lyda, Your Georgian Girl

Great news, there’s another family member due to join the historical dolls from A Girl for All Time. Following on from the success of Mathilda (Tudor), Amelia (Victorian) and Clementine (1940s), Lydia’s look, outfit and story are clever time capsules of history for young girls to learn and play along with.

According to the press release:

Lydia, Your Georgian Girl, wears a gorgeous yellow dress in the robe a l’angaise style, popular of that era. Her life is turned upside down in an accompanying book telling the story of how she must leave England and her beloved home, seat of the Marchmont family for over 200 years, to start a new life with her family in the American colonies. Additional historically-inspired costumes are now also available for Lydia, including a stunning blue party dress and meticulously detailed riding outfit.

The new doll will join her sisters later this year.

Find out more about the A Girl for All Time range (with historical outfits, novels and accessories) at the website.


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  1. Elizabeth Stessel

    I love the Kids n Cats Sonja Hartmann dolls, particularly “Grace” and “Henriette”, but I am confused about why the complexions of the dolls vary so much. Both of these dolls are pictured as having porcelain-like skin tone, not the waxy, orange-tanned look of some of the actually dolls. How is this explained? Is quality control lacking? When I spend this much on a doll and outfits and accessories the doll must look like the photo. How to assure this? I’m sure that other customers must have noticed the discrepancy. Please advise, as I like the dolls and would like, also, to make a purchase. Thanks, Elizabeth Stessel

    • I think this commment would have been better on a Kidz n Cats post, but yeah, not sure what’s happening with the complexions – I do know Sonja changed the plastic used to make the dolls at some point in the past few years and I have to say I’m not a fan of the results in some cases – my Bobo doll is from before the change and his “skin” is much more natural. I don’t think its a matter of quality control, I think they are *supposed* to look like that!

      Its tricky getting a correct idea of colours from photos online for any doll however, especially with the offical photos. What I’ve done to get a more accurate idea is a google image search on the doll’s name and then look at amateur pics by doll collectors or Ebay listings or some of the doll shops online (the French ones often have more accurate ones) and judge from there. Don’t forget the online sales rules mean you have a right to return a doll in most cases if you’re not happy, precisely because of this issue of not being able to see it too accurately – always check with the shop in advance tho as some will only do a gift certificate rather than a full refund. I’ve actually sent 2 of the dolls back as I wasn’t happy with how they looked, but its a matter of personal taste: the new range “looks” like they will be better so fingers crossed the plastic is more attractive!


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