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Paola Reina – Las Reinas

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Las Reinas Mei

This lovely little lady is Mei, one of the gorgeous dolls in the Las Reinas (Queens) range by Spanish doll company Paola Reina.

Each doll in the range is 60cm tall, so a great deal larger than the Kidz n Cats, Gotz or indeed the Paola Reina Soy Tu range (which I posted about here). All Las Reinas dolls have articulating arms, legs, heads, and joints; their knees and elbows bend and their wrists and feet can turn. They are made from vanilla scented vinyl with rooted vinyl hair and have large eyes with lashes, which do not close.

Being so much larger, the dolls cannot share clothes with the 50cm/18″ dolls, but luckily the company produce a limited number of outfits sized for the dolls, all of which look to be of high quality.

Other Las Reinas dolls include Sandra:

Las Reinas Sandra

And Lidia..

Las Reinas Lidia

There’s a comprehensive review of one of the dolls, Marta, including photos of her with American Girl and Karito Kids dolls for size comparisons and a wealth of detail about the jointing and other aspects of these dolls over at The Toy Box Philosopher.

Las Reinas dolls and outfits are currently available in the UK at My Doll Best Friend.


All images ©Paola Reina


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  2. Interesting, and the Toy Box Philosopher link was very informative. There’s obviously a bit of a conflict (possibly at least partly economic) between making joints that work well and making them look presentable. I guess, if you want really versatile posability you end up moving away from play dolls into ball-jointed territory…

    • Yes, the joints are pretty obvious on these dolls, given the unclothed pics on that link, odd, as the Kidz n Cats are more subtle, I suspect economic reasons also.

  3. The Toy Box Philosopher’s overall impression is an excellent one and that counts for so much. Marta made a good enough impression because of the quality, face sculpt and attention to detail that Emily was clearly excited to have the Las Reinas doll join her. I love that she describes this doll as ‘epic’ – there is something about these great big quite traditional dolls that make doll lovers feel this way. Good find Blue!

    • Yes, had to include a link to the review as it asked and answered all the questions i might have had about these dolls and then some! I’m really tempted but the whole vanilla scent thing is still an issue.. I reckon some little girls (and bigger girls!) day would be made to have Mara or one of the other dolls as a new friend.


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