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Our Generation Dolls – new to the UK

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Our Generation Dolls Montage

Great news, the US budget doll brand Our Generation sold in Target stores nationwide is coming to the UK. They were showcased at the recent London Toy Fair and garnered much interest from retailers here, for the dolls themselves but also the wide range of outfits, which are updated frequently, and the rather fabulous accessories including horses.

The dolls come in several styles and prices: the more basic ones have jointed arms and legs, soft bodies and sleep eyes, then the next level up is listed as “poseable”. Unlike the Kidz n Cats or Gotz jointed dolls, these do not have elbow and knee joints, rather seem to have wire within the vinyl allowing the arms and legs to bend, ideal for riding on one those horses. Another level up is the deluxe sets, which feature a poseable doll, a second outfit and a storybook. There are also dolls designed for hair play.

Our Generation Doll Ayla

This is Ayla, one of the basic dolls, but very attractive. The dolls come with a range of hair colours and styles, as well as eye colours, and pretty outfits, at a price (currently looking to be just under £40) that makes collecting several quite a reasonable proposition.

As far as the outfits are concerned there are basic and deluxe fashions – this purple party dress has rather caught my eye already.

Our Generation Party Whirl Deluxe Outfit

As for the horses, there seem to be large plastic horses to ride on, with suitable riding outfits for the doll to wear, plus other models with style-able hair, and also smaller horses, more like ponies, to be treated more as pets. Its not clear how many of these will be available in the UK but hopefully we will be spoilt for choice.

Our Generation Horse, Morgan

Oujr Generation Horse, boxed

Our Generation dolls also have bicycles and other play accessories, still no word on UK stocks of these but I’ll keep my eyes open!

You can check out the full range, past and present at the Our Generation website.

All images © Our Generation


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  1. You can find in London in Wimbledon Village in igloo Shop. They are gorgeous.

  2. These dolls are currently available in Smyths toy superstores in the UK. There is an ever expanding range its value for money and my daughter is in love.

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  4. Jarrolds department store in Norwich carries dolls and horses / foals too.


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