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Kidz n Cats Update

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With the problems last year in getting Kidz n Cats dolls, thanks to manufacturing and stocking issues, its good to hear they’re back on track. Over at Petalina there’s plenty of information and images of the new range of dolls due for 2014.

According to the post there:

There are 7 dolls carried over from previous collections with an additional 7 new dolls.

The carried over dolls are: Lena, Carlotta, Alister, Jakob, Grace, Sophie (now with blue eyes) and Laura

There are 7 new dolls, 5 of which will be available in March/April: Paulette, Princess in Pink, Julia, Teresa and Jolina

The remaining two dolls will be available in August/September: Miu and Jodie

Its good to know there will still be boy dolls in the range though I always hope there will be new ones, but still… Grace and Laura are two of my favourites, and I know they’ve been big sellers thus far. Looking at the images, Alister has the same outfit but possibly a different face mould? Its hard to tell. More info and images as they become available, in the meantime head over to Petalina to read the full post with images and further information, plus a heads-up on a new range of Kidz n Cats furniture due also.

Petalina: Kidz n Cats Update 2014


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  1. The new photo of “Alister” in that update makes him look a little different. Scruffier?


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