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My London Girl – Special Editions and Costumed Dolls

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The My London Girl range of dolls were launched in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London in September 2011 with an online store also, and are a range of 18″ vinyl-limbed soft bodied dolls along the lines of the American Girl dolls. They have a range of outfits, many also available in child sizes so owner and doll can match, and the shop regularly holds events such as hair styling workshops and the like, with plenty of outfits and accessories in store to keep children playing happily. They launched boy dolls and also baby dolls in the past year and seem to be going from strength to strength, with many “designer” outfits for dolls and kids added to the collection at various points.

Up until recently, the dolls came in a basic “meet outfit” along the lines of the AG meet outfits, in the case of the My London Girl dolls this consists of bright sweat pants, union jack t-shirt, pink jacket and trainers. Now though, the dolls also have costume options which is what caught my eye.

My London Girl Royal Princess - Amy

The doll-in-costume outfits on offer include  Royal Princess, shown here modelled by Amy, and also by Lulu:

My London Girl Royal Princess - Lulu

And then there’s Sparkle Princess, shown here worn by Pippa and Amy:

My London Girl Sparkle Princess - Pippa My London Girl Sparkle Princess -  Amy

And a beach outfit modelled by Grace:

My London Girl Beach outfit

With a rider outfit, also available for the boy dolls in a different colour.

My London Girl Riding - Amy My London Girl - Boy Rider

There’s also a limited edition boy doll dressed up as The Queen’s Guard, which matches quite well with the Royal Princess dress (and both would work wonderfully with the cardboard castle I featured here).

My London Girl The Queen's Guard

I think being able to buy a doll in an outfit really adds to the appeal of this range, having a generic “meet outfit” has never appealed to me as a marketing strategy, but having a costumed version of each doll works even better than having each doll in a different set of clothing, it really is the best of both worlds. And of course, great to see not only a boy doll but one with a couple of clothing options there.

Find out more about the dolls and explore the online shop at My London Girl.

Images © My London Girl


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