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Cardboard Creativity (Countdown to Christmas)

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As the dreaded or delightful season of gift giving looms ever closer I decided to do a series of posts with some suggestions of what would be great stocking fillers or big pressies for doll-lovers, doll-owners or dolls themselves.

A little while ago I featured the rather ingenious village shop, made all of cardboard, from Frilly Lily, which you can read about in detail here, and which looks like this:

Frilly Lily Village Shop

If you fancy something a little less pink, or a gift that’s even more creative howver, I found two great “colour-in” buildings, a castle and a house, over at mydollboutique.

Colour in cardboard castle

The castle is a decent size, over a meter wide and nearly that tall (exact dimensions are 96.5 x 109 x 89 cm) and comes flat packed in panels that slot together. It can be coloured in with pen, pencil, paint or whatever seems suitable, and has pre-printed details of stonework, windows, door etc. The drawbridge lowers, even! As you can see in the pic above it looks great all coloured in, although I’m not sure blue would be my choice. Its a good mix of play and art that should make for hours of fun for the lucky recipient. Its hard to tell scale, but there was a pic of the castle with two dolls dressed as princesses (mydollboutique has lovely princess dresses also) that really shows what a substantial object this is:

Colour-in cardboard castle with dolls

If your taste runs to the more mundane, there is also a playhouse in the same range, same flat-pack panel design to be assembled and coloured, with outlines of flowers, grass, fencing and a tree on the sides, an opening door & window –  there’s even a wee chimney! Final dimensions for the house are slightly smaller than the castle at 89 x 63.5 x 96.5cm.

Colour-in cardboard house

Hats off to whoever came up with these designs, I think they’re just great! And at around £20-£25 each won’t break the bank.

Follow the links below to find them:

Frilly Lily village store
Colour-in castle at mydollboutique
Colour-in house at mydollboutique
Princess dresses at mydollboutique

Images © Frilly Lily and mydollboutique respectively.


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  1. I smiled at your “a little less pink” comment. The castle looks cool and would work well for boys and girls. It’d have been on my shoppping list a few yeas back, but now all my nieces and nephews are (or will soon be) in their teens, and interested in other things… 🙂

    • Of course there’s nothing to stop a body colouring the castle in shades of brightest pink.. *g* yep, castle would do well for playing knights & dragons (mm, dragons) as well as princesses. My cousins are all growed up now, lucky I’m still a kid at heart!

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