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Carpatina dolls & outfits due in the UK

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Whee, more good news from My Doll Best Friend – they will be stocking the beautiful Carpatina dolls and clothing very soon. These are classy looking dolls with big eyes and long hair, and some of the nicest outfits I’ve seen, many of which are based on historical designs. I have my eye on Veronika already, but Ana Ming and Rowena are equally lovely.

Veronika by Carpatina

Ana Ming by Carpatina

Rowena by Carpatina

The dolls are slimmer than the American Girl dolls the US folk seem to adore so much, with body styles more in keeping with the Kidz n Cats range. Each has a Kanekolan wig and sleep eyes.

Previously they were only available from across the Pond so its great to have a UK stockist – I think I have my birthday present for next year already picked out, but any of the dolls and outfits would be ideal for Christmas, or just because they’re rather fabulous.


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  1. They are beautiful and the brand has a few things lined up for next year, so exciting times ahead for Europeans who like Carpatina dolls. Kohanna is a stunning doll too, very natural and very beautiful. Glad you like! 😉


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