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KR Bears & Dolls Limited Edition Zwergnase Junior Dolls

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A few months ago Trisha over at KR Bears & Dolls mentioned some very special Limited Edition dolls made exclusively for her, and finally there are more details on them and a sneak preview pic of the prototypes.

KR Bears & Dolls Limited Edition Zwergnase Juniors

As she couldn’t decide between blonde and red hair there are two dolls available,  limited to only 25 in total, so its definitely first come first served here. The dolls are named for Trisha and her sister Karen, Trisha being the redhead with green eyes, a green pinafore over a grey and black striped blouse, black tights, petticoat and boots. The blonde doll, Karen, has blue eyes, a multi-colour print pinafore over a red blouse, with stripey tights, navy petticoat and red boots. Each doll comes with a certificate.

I love the Zwergnase Junior dolls and it must have been so exciting to end up with limited edition ones bearing your name, so yay Trisha. You can pre-order the dolls, which will be available later this month, over at the KR Bears & Dolls website; a deposit is required.

Image © KR Bears & Dolls


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  1. They are lovely. I wonder if these two happen to be the most popular hair, eye and face combination??


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