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Dolls for Downs are Go!

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Dolls for Downs Girls in Boxes

After a long process and many exciting updates via the website and Facebook its just been announced that the Dolls for Downs dolls are finally ready to be shipped out to customers very shortly! Here’s photos of the dolls boxed and ready, plus some close-ups of some of the faces available – the website has details of how to order the various dolls (boy and girl) in various skin tones, hair colours etc.

Close up of a Dolls for Downs face

Side view of Dolls for Downs face

As mentioned in more detail in my initial post on the dolls, these are designed as play and therapy dolls so have easy-to-handle clothes and look more like their future little owners than standard shop-bought dolls.

Check out the Dolls for Downs Facebook photo album for lots of behind-the-scenes pics of the dolls in various stages of manufacture at the factory, plus previous timeline posts about how things have progressed to this final stage.

Dolls for Downs dolls ready for shipping

All images remain © Dolls for Downs


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  1. They’re very beautiful and look like good quality as far as photos can show. An epic journey resulting in a beautiful doll: Happy ending/ happy beginning.

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