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New: Frilly Lily Doll Accessory Sets

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Frilly Lily Village Shop

In their latest newsletter, Frilly Lily, well-known for their dolls clothes as well as childrens’ costumes have announced the launch of a new range of doll accessory sets. These include a village shop made from cardboard, with a counter, shelves and a bulletin board, with doll sized groceries and even little card shopping baskets, all of which folds flat for storage. You also get mini greeting cards and a self-inking stamp.

Frilly Lily Village Shop half folded

Other delights are a separate pack of the same accessories, a stationery set (cards, stickers, tiny book, stamp), and a party set where you can make and decorate hats as well as invitations.

My favourite is the school set that includes:

Magnetic Number Board

Boxed Alphabet Set

Mini World Globe

4 x mini rulers

5 x workbooks

2 X mini seld inking stamps [star and “good work”]

2 x packs of coloured pencils

2 sticker sheets.

Frilly Lily School Set

These should provide hours of play for a child and their doll, and would make ideal gifts. Frilly Lily clothes are made to the highest standard so I’m confident the accessories will be equally well made. Its great to see stuff for dolls and to encourage creativity, beyond just playing dress-up.

All images ©Frilly Lily


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