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Zwergnase Junior 2014 dolls

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Trisha over at KR Bears & Dolls has the upcoming range of Zwergnase Junior dolls for 2014 available to order. I think they’re the best looking set of dolls for a good few years from the Junior range, so I’m rather spoilt for choice and will be saving up! The range as ever has 50cm and 35cm dolls, and includes a boy doll for once, the first since the 2009 collection, I believe.

All the dolls have the usual quirky faces that make Zwergnase creations so unique, plus funky outfits which are no doubt to the expected high standard.

Zwergnase Junior 2014 dolls

From left to right these are Agnes, Josef, Katja and Natalia, my personal favourites from the range. (Click the image for a larger version.)

You can get a sneak preview of the collector dolls over at KR too – definitely worth drooling over, there are no prices listed as yet but they’re usually beyond my budget, still, a girl can dream 🙂

See the 2014 Junior dolls here and the collector dolls here.


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  1. I do like these dolls very much. I’ve always like Zwergnase Junior but get put off by the cross looking dolls!! The selection you have here is definitely the best of the face moulds I’ve seen. I also love their clothing, nice to have a change from pastel or floral. I’ve long admired the face of Agnes. Katja looks beautiful with her slightly more petite quirky face. Josef’s face mould work’s great as a boy. Definitely like 2014 much more than 2013.

    • So are you tempted this time? 🙂 I definitely agree on the clothes this time, they’re a tad expensive but definitely looking good.

      • I’m tempted yes! I was looking at them with my daughter this evening and we’ve come up with a long long list of favourites! It’s funny, we like a whole range of different faces between us (and they don’t look so cross now).

      • I should expect you’ll be expanding your collection at some point then? Josef will be finding a home with me at some point, certainly.

  2. They certainly have character… 😉

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