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Maru & Friends to Make UK Debut

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Maru in orange

I adore the Maru & Friends dolls, especially Maru herself as in the post Unboxing Maru from a few months back. Up til now the dolls were only available either direct from the company in America or from the sole European distributor, Un Bonheur de Colibri in Belgium, as the dolls hadn’t gone through the EU specific toy safety standard tests required for them to be supplied to the UK and Europe.

Its just been reported by both My Doll Best Friend and Petalina that the dolls and clothing range are undergoing  testing and should be available to buy from both online shops in time for Christmas in the case of Maru, redhead Savannah and blonde Jamie, with the other dolls due in 2014.

I’m really excited to know that Diana Effner’s gorgeous little faces will be available to a wider market on this side of the Pond. I can definitely recommend the dolls in terms of appeal, design and quality.

To whet your appetite you can see the full range of dolls and outfits at the official Maru & Friends website.


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