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AG Minis – More-ish

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I defnitely have the soul of a collector, or maybe I’m just a sucker for a small but perfectly-formed object, but having reviewed the rather lovely American Girl mini doll Marie-Grace last month I was tempted by another in the range (having an Amazon voucher was an extra spur…).

Portrait of AG mini Cecile

This is Cecile, who is actually Marie-Grace’s friend in the AG books as they meet and become friends in 1850s New Orleans. As with her friend, Cecile’s outfit is historically correct, consisting of a teal satin dress with puffed sleeves, black velveteen accents, and rosette adornments (per the AG website), along with the same white cotton pantaloons and white stockings. She has black boots with gold button detail. Her dark skin and brown eyes are complemented by long black ringlets held back by ribbons.

AG mini Cecile posing

For a full overview of the other details (box, book, body etc) see the detailed review of Marie-Grace.

Both dolls are so beautifilly designed and concieved, even at this small size, that they both make me smile. Ariane nabbed Marie-Grace as her plaything, but so far I’ve managed to keep Cecile all to myself! I love the shade and style of her dress, need to find the full-size dress for my large dolls to wear, methinks.

At the current price point (around £14 on Amazon) the AG minis are a nice treat without breaking the bank and I already have my eyes on some of the others in the range. For now, Marie-Grace and Cecile complement each other well and are pretty little morsels to brighten the place. And like the best things in life (chocolate, shiny things etc) they are most definitely more-ish.

AG mini Cecile in b&w


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