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Kickstarter: The Scary Godmother Doll

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Its not really the type of doll this blog was created for, but having focused on the Makie dolls it seemed reasonable to post about this Kickstarter project I came across. I love Kickstarter – in case you didn’t know, its a way for small businesses and creative folk to raise funds to make their dreams a reality, be it a game, an art project, a novel, or even putting a model of the TARDIS into space. The Dolls for Downs I posted about last month gained funding via Kickstarter, and here’s another project involving dolls.

I’m not familiar with the Scary Godmother brand, but the project site informs me that its a range of comic strips, cartoon series and even a couple of animated films (available for pennies on amazon, ooh!) featuring the coolest Godmother around, modelled on creator Jill Thomson who considered herself an unlikely model for the role, which inspired the whole concept.

Scary Godmother Doll prototype

Her latest project is turning the Godmother character into a jointed fashion doll, the prototype is all done but getting such things launched needs finance. With Kickstarter, ordinary people have a chance to make the proposed doll design a reality, which I think is worth supporting (and fun to read about even if you don’t want to help out!).

As is usual with Kickstarter projects there are various rewards depending on how much you donate, but you can drop as little as one dollar to the project if you like.

Click through to the Kickstarter page for The Scary Godmother to read about it, watch Jill’s video and see some of the artwork for both comic strip and doll design. Fun stuff!


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