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End of the Line for Gali Girls

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End of the Line for Gali Girls

Whilst preparing the doll review post for Leah, my Gali Girls doll I did my usual research, checking websites and google for information to include. Over on the official site, I realised there was hardly any stock left, so emailed the owner to find out more.

Gali Girls began in 2004 to give young Jewish girls an alternative to the very commercialised dolls on the market, with their focus on fashion, make-up and boys: the dolls would instead uphold traditional values such as kindness, respect and honesty, and have clothing and accessories to forge a link between contemporary life and the long and rich Jewish heritage.

The four basic dolls had a range of skin and hair colour so a little girl could pick the one most like her, and there were a couple of historical dolls, as well as storybooks exploring life in Jewish communities throughout the world and across the ages.

Sadly, owner Aliza Stein is closing the business, the dolls proved popular over the years but it takes a lot of resources to promote and run a business and all things come to an end. So once the last few outfits, books and the two remaining dolls (one historical, one the dark-skinned doll from the standard range) have sold, that will be the end of the Gali Girls.

The dolls were nicely made, the outfits especially worth having with their unique styling and high quality, do check out Gali Girls before its too late as we bid farewell to them.


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  2. theofficialstepashkarossiya

    it now redirects to baby toys.


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