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Lovely in Lilac

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Helene in a lilac gown, seated

I couldn’t resist a gratuitous image/fashion post featuring the lovely Helene in her new lilac party dress!

Said dress is one of the fab designs to be found over at The Dolls House, a relative newcomer to the doll scene, with their own range of dolls and outfits (and the wig store I mentioned a little while ago).

Helene Posing in her lilac gown

i love the detail on this dress, and the way it shimmers in the light. The effect is achieved by having an overlay of shimmery translucent fabric on top of the plain lilac satin, which is really effective.  The shimmery rosette on the front of the bodice contrasts nicely with the plain fabric it sits on.

Back of Helene's lilac gown

The Dolls House dolls are soft-body dolls of similar dimensions to AG dolls, so clothes designed for same would normally be a tad generous on a slimmer doll like Kidz n Cats, and need a bit of nifty work with a clip to gather the extra fabric. Here that’s not an issue – the wide satin sash ties in back and can be pulled tightly enough to cater for most doll waist sizes, and looks great, too. It looks so pretty with the matching metallic lilac peep toe shoes from My Doll Best Friend.

I think Helene is rather pleased with her frock, at least she’s been wearing it happily for several weeks now!

Portrait of Helene in lilac


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  1. Very pretty. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos Blue, and she really does suit the colour.

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