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I recently stumbled on a new UK doll store, The Dolls House, with their own range of 18″ soft-bodied dolls and some rather nifty clothing (more on this to follow). What caught my attention the most however was the wig store.

As they say, “If your dolls hair wig needs replacing because it’s looking frizzy, tangled or damaged  or perhaps you are looking for something a little different, then we may just have what you’re looking for. ” They stock a range of wigs, in various colours and hair lengths, and I love the idea of being able to give a doll a new look this way. There are currently 14 wigs available, as seen in the screenshot from the website below, that first curly auburn one is especially attractive in my view!

The Dollshouse wig store

The wigs are designed for their own range of dolls but come in several sizes so are suitable for other dolls that don’t have rooted hair, and there’s a clear tutorial on how one goes about replacing the wig on a doll, a matter of carefully un-gluing the existing hair using acetone-free nail varnish remover, and then having prepared the poor bald head and ensuring the correct measurements have been taken to get the right sized wig, gluing the replacement hair on.

I’m not sure its something smaller hands would be safe doing, or my clumsy ones for that matter, but luckily they are planning to provide a re-wigging service, and can be contacted for advice via the website also.


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  1. Another blog I encountered while scanning the net for Kidz n Cats boys had slightly disturbing pictures of wig and eye replacements. Clearly not something for the faint hearted…

    And K&R have a sale on today so I caved in and placed an order…

  2. At the moment he seems to be answering to “Jason”.

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