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Sneaky Preview…

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a sneak peek..

Who is this..? Watch for the upcoming post to find out!


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  1. There’s always room for just one more?

    I keep coming back to Alex’s page and then having to tell myself (yet again) that I really don’t need another collecting streak to add to the workshop, radios, telescopes, books, and cuddly toys…

    • Hee, I dangle temptation teasingly before you! Alex is such a sweet doll, you don’t have to collect lots, just one is enough. I in the meantime succumbed to the lure of Build a Bear today, couldn’t resist the insanely colourful charms of Wild about Spots, complete with blue sequin outfit, making me smile muchly.

      • Ah, yes. A friend’s young daughter was gathering her pocket money for one or other of the “Wild about” bears, barely six weeks after her birthday, when she got herself an Amur Leopard from the same store. There’s always room for just one more…

      • I think this will be my only Build a Bear, given the focus on dolls, but the range of clothes available for them is mind-boggling, so I’ll not rule out future outfit purchases, hope the daughter got her bear 🙂

      • Yes, lots of outfits there. Mine mostly end up in denim dungarees. Havn’t heard whether friend’s daughter has yet got the bear she had her eye on.

      • Can’t go wrong with denim..

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