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Harry Potter – Gotz

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Portrait of Harry

I’ve been a huge Harry Potter fan since pretty  much the first book, so I was excited to discover via another doll blog that Gotz had made doll versions of Harry, Hermione and Ron, with faces designed by reknowned doll artist Hildegard Günzel. They’re hard to come by however: Gotz gained the European license to make dolls based on the characters back in 2001 and they were limited editions, so its really a matter of luck and watching Ebay and elsewhere in the hope that a doll will pop up. You hardly ever see Hermione or Ron, unfortunately, though as they are based on the book descriptions rather than the films (the first film only came out in 2001) all three dolls are rather different from the now familiar faces of Daniel Radclliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. This is no bad thing in the case of Harry Potter as he retains the vivid green eyes of J K Rowling’s imagination, rather than Daniel’s blue ones.

How do I know this? Because I was lucky enough to grab myself a Harry doll from Ebay, and at rather amazing price! The original dolls came with a broom and Harry’s trademark glasses held together with tape, and a limited edition tag, all in a HP themed box. The doll I got was pre-loved, so no box, no broom, no glasses and no limited edition number. Not good for a true collector for whom such things matter, but fine by me – the numbered tag would get put in a drawer, the broom would end up on a shelf, ignored and as for the glasses, they’re easily replaced by a pair without the tape (poor Harry, nobody ever took him to an optician…).

Harry Potter in Hogwarts uniform

So here he is! He comes dressed in a red and white stripey jumper, jeans, trainers and a rather lush black velvet Hogwarts robe held together with two gold buttons and a twist of gold braid, with the Hogwarts crest embroidered on the left hand side.  As well as the afore-mentioned green eyes he has the trademark messy dark hair and the scar on his forehead. He’d clearly been on a shelf gathering dust for a while, and the velvet had picked up a lot of pet hairs. He also has a bit of damage, a ding to his nose which is less noticeable than I expected – deductive reasoning suspects that the pet hairs and ding add up to a cat knocking the poor doll off a shelf to bounce face first off the floor!

Harry Potter's face

The doll and clothing smelled a little stale and dusty, so his clothes ended up in the wash (except for the robe) and Harry himself was destined for a bath. Well, a good sponge down with baby soap and a wash cloth as per the advice given by Gotz themselves. I also went over his hair to freshen it up – here he is wrapped in a towel drying off:

Harry Potter after a bath

In terms of body shape Harry is about an inch taller than the other Gotz dolls I have and rather more slender. He’s jointed at the arms and legs and neck, with quite expressive (and large!) hands . The body style is older than the standing child dolls, because of course Harry in the books starts out at school age, 11 years old. Some of the pairs of jeans I have were therefore too generous in the waist (shades of Dudley’s cast-offs!) but he fit this pair of Kidz n Cats jeans nicely. The t-shirt and shirt are by Nellie Rose. A different pair of shoes and he’s as good as new.

Harry Potter posing

I may try and find a pair of glasses to replace the ones he should have had but personally I think he looks more handsome without, love the shade of green on his eyes. And he could be any young man rather than a certain wizard, after all, as the scar isn’t too prominent thanks to that messy hair (which really adds character). Some of the online images I’ve seen of this doll and the other two have made it seem as though the heads are too long, the forehead an odd ratio to the rest of the face but that’s just poor photography, methinks.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with the doll, makes a nice addition to the “gang” here – I may consider looking out for the Ron and Hermione dolls to join him, though I’m not sure the faces are as attractive. Harry though is just a wee darling!

Harry Potter in b&w



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  1. Really enjoyable read, Blue. Love the photo of Harry drying off in the towel, with the other dolls in the background. You’ve got me thinking I’d like a Harry!!

    • Ah, you noticed them lurking then? I love having them ranged out like that, tricky to photograph. And I loved the towel pic too 🙂 You should get a Harry for sure (let me know if you ever spot a Hermione, btw).

  2. I wonder how Draco looks like..

    • Its a pity they didn’t make one.. I know Tonner have a range of goodly sized dolls for many of the characters in the HP universe, based on the films, not seen the Draco from there but the Snape is quite impressive.

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  4. Hello there, and thank you for your site!

    I am new to doll collecting and have been lucky enough to find Maxine (My Doll best Friend) who has given some great advice, support and counselling(!) Not to mention the start of my doll collection!

    A couple of years ago I (after a childhood, teenage and young adult hood) of wishing and wanting, acquired a Sasha in blue gingham dress.

    Having looked at her for rather a long while in her box, I decided to hunt online for an alternative outfit for her, and while looking, discovered some lovely dolls modelling clothes – which led me to the Kidz n Cats range and Maxine.

    Maxine introduced me to Gotz and, I have now discovered and hope for a Gotz Steiff in due course.

    Meanwhile, whilst browsing ebay, I found a Harry Potter Gotz, which when I was trying to find out more about him, led me to you! I was um-ing but was instantly helped when I saw your fab photos and read your article about your Harry Potter. Mine, yes mine, (I managed to ‘win’ him on ebay yesterday) is similarly minus his broom etc. But I was reassured that that really does not matter! I have yet to meet him, but felt I should write a note to thank you for your notes and photos, which really helped my decision-making process.

    He will be joining my Sasha (now in a new outfit), Laura and Grace (Kidz n Cats) and Lena (Gotz). I have quite a wish list …. fingers crossed for some more Kidz n Cats and Gotz, not to mention the Gotz Steiff in due course.

    • Hi Helen, good to hear from you and welcome to the world of dolls! And yay Maxine getting you starting, she’s amazing and a good friend. I’m so happy to hear you have a Harry Potter and more importantly that it was my photos and posts that helped you decide – that’s exactly what the blog is designed for, goodness knows I’m always appreciative of other folk posting plenty of information and images of the dolls I’m interested in, its great to be following in their footsteps 🙂

      Welcome to your Laura, Grace & Lena (you have excellent taste there), I’m sure they’ll be good company for Sasha. And now you really need to consider one of the Maru & Friends dolls… *giggle* Congrats on getting the doll collecting bug, hope Harry is all you hoped for also.

      • Hello Blue and thank you for your reply.

        Harry arrived yesterday – 10 minutes after Henriette – (I was lucky enough to find one for rehoming on ebay) and I am thrilled with them both. Two dolls in one day!

        Maru is already on my wish list she, and her friends look lovely.

        I will need a brunette soon as Harry is currently surrounded by blondes! Meanwhile, another box is en route from Maxine… still not containing a brunette, or Maru. The Gotz and Kidz n Cats wish lists are being addressed…. but, I need to pace myself (I keep repeating the phrase!)

        I am looking forward to the forthcoming wish doll and will continue my quest for a Gotz Steiff – I do enjoy a challenge!

        My next challenges are finding the right place for my growing collection….controlling my purchases and convincing my husband that they are not all the same!

      • Excellent, you’re building quite the collection! Mind you, I went a little mad with dolls myself last year, good bargains just popped up in amongst ones I’d already planned to get so how could I resist?

        And yep, need to get a brunette for sure, do you have a Gotz Hannah on your wishlist? Still one of my absolute favourites, I must admit. Finding the best places for the dolls is a headache, mine are displayed on the floor in my room but need moved into the other room out of the way of the hoover each week, which is annoying, but I miss them when they’re not right by me to see in the morning. I presume you saw my pre-Christmas furniture post? Some of the the chairs would likely be a good way to display dolls, I have many of mine standing on boxes at various heights. No help on convincing the husband, I’m single again so have no-one to frown at more dolls moving in ::giggle::

      • Good Morning

        Now have Gotz Luisa and red haired Sophie 2012 (an instant favourite) in my ‘gang’.

        Ooh, those sales are SO tempting, good prices to be seen on Maru and friends too… it is very hard to pace myself with so much temptation (especially when you feel you will get them in time anyway!)

        For a brunette, I have eyes on Clara 2012 or Vroni (who is currently on sale for just £10 more than Clara)…. I like the Hannah’s too, there are, at present, a few good prices on ebay – Particularly Rockstar. Is she as nice as the Clara’s, Sophies of the Gotz world? One good price Hannah = 1/2 a Maru…. decisions, decisions… There were a couple of ‘used’ Hannah’s on ebay recently which I was watching and there had been a few bids on, but they suddenly disappeared so I guess someone made an offer and they were withdrawn! 😦 I am beginning to feel this must be a common problem as several Sasha dolls I have watched have suddenly disappeared!

        I shall keep hunting for bargains… and Gotz Steiff !!!

        Best wishes

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Hello Blue

        Thank you for that and for the sale update. I had spotted some of those and am very tempted to extend collection further at sale time – I am still struggling to repeat my mantra ‘pace yourself!’

        Currently Clara 2012 (or Vroni who is currently on sale at only £10 more than Clara) on my radar as are Maru and friends (some currently £99 and very tempting)… Yes have looked at the Hannahs too. A few Rockstars at good price on ebay currently – is Hannah as lovely as the Lena, Sophie and Claras?

        I was watching some ‘used’ Hannahs on ebay recently but, as some Sasha’s seem to do, they disappeared from sale mid way through. I guess someone made an offer and the sale was ended? 😦

        Would you advise please, as I am new to this, are there sales often (so I can pace myself a little at present) or is it a case of getting what you desire when you see it, either as the sales don’t happen often, or that the dolls are discontinued (the marketing is soooooo clever for those of us with the ‘collecting gene’)!?

        Best wishes

        Helen S

      • Hee, should I apologise for putting temptation in your path? Vroni is gorgeous, I must agree, I’m looking forward to seeing what Gotz bring out this year though, I have a Happy Kidz Emily of a previous version and do like them, but none of last years range really appealed enough. I think Hannah has the nicest face, and the best eyes, she doesn’t have jointed arms and legs but my Grace and Katy dolls are both Hannahs and wear the clothes particularly well. Not sure where the Ebay ones vanish to, Sasha dolls certainly seem to be snapped up quickly – hmm, if you like Sasha have you seen the Kathe Kruse Minouche dolls? Similar size and “look” to their faces…

        As far as sales go, the new ranges are due out soon which is likely why the dolls are on offer right now, and if you’ve got your heart set on one of the current range I’d say go for it as once they gone, they gone – that’s how I ended up with my KnC Helen as they were being discontinued so I had to get in fast even though she wasn’t on sale. I don’t regret it though. Maru are a new brand for the UK, it used to be you could only get them Stateside or from Belgium so I’m not sure if the prices are stable or not, £99 seems reasonable though, I paid a lot more for mine cos I was importing her from Belgium. They heve the loveliest eyes – I think the eyes on a doll are what really attract me, and I prefer the German dolls with their fixed eyes to the sleep eyes on a lot of dolls.

  5. Oh dear…. yes have spotted the Minouche dolls…. Nora and Rya on the radar. I need to win the lottery!

    I agree with you totally about the eyes – the eyes make the doll. I also am not a fan of the closing variety!

    Which of the current Hannah dolls is your favourite? There are some ‘reasonable’ ones on ebay currently…..

    • Its Nora I like too 🙂 I like my 2010 hannah & her dog best, but second is hannah african american; the official & boxed pics of her don’t do her justice at all but she has an amazingly sweet face,all wide-eyed innocence. My one is called Grace if you use the tags on the blog to see photos of her in various outfits but she’s even better in real life.

      Oh, and share that lottery win when it happens, do! 🙂

  6. How does his outfit fit on a Kidz N Cats doll? He looks like he’s wearing Alister’s jeans.

    • He is indeed wearing Alister’s jeans, which are a little loose. I’ve not tried Harry’s jeans etc on a Knc doll but suspect they’d be too tight. Certainly the Hogwarts robe looks ridiculous on a KnC, far too loose and long.

  7. I have all 3 but not her stack of books. I like Harry in his bath towel 🙂
    Best wishes.


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