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Alex – Kidz n Cats

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Another day, another doll to share and show off! This time its the turn of Alex, who is a Kidz n Cats Alister doll. Created in 2011 he was one of the first of the 11 jointed dolls in the Kidz n Cats range (since then all new dolls have had 11 joints) and is one of only 3 boy dolls in the current range.

Portrait of Alex

Alex has short brown hair and blue eyes (brown eyes would make more sense but those baby blues are gorgeous nonetheless) and a sweet expression. The Kidz n Cats dolls share face moulds between girl and boy dolls so its impressive how boyish he looks, and slighly mischievous too.

He’s shown here in one of the many cute boy outfits made by Nellie Rose, but I have to say his original clothing takes the biscuit and he didn’t get changed out of those clothes for months after he joined the gang here.  Said outfit comprises a pale blue t-shirt, a beige checked long sleeve cotton shirt with buttons, over the top of which is worn a grey tweed jacket with a clever insert to look as though he’s also wearing a waistcoat. He has stone-wash jeans with dark grey legwarmers (sounds a little odd but looks great), little cotton boxer shorts and finally some really heavy duty boots and thick grey socks. Oh and a matching tweed cap.

Here’s the offical pic from the With Heart and Soul website:

Alister offical pic

Most of the dolls come with a cat and I should mention that Alex/Alister’s feline friend also sports a tiny tweed cap!

I think the whole ensemble and his face give him quite the urchin look, destined to melt the hardest heart – a real character, in fact apart from the jeans which would be anachronistic he makes me think he should be one of Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street irregulars, dashing about and getting into trouble, a wee cockney tearaway with of course a heart of gold.

He looks great in more modern clothes too, the jeans & boots here are the originals, teamed with a Nellie Rose shirt.

Alex Posing

I mentioned the 11 joints, I’ve talked before about the posability of these dolls but I think the extra wrist joints do allow for more expressive poses, even if sometimes the hands never seem to be pointing quite the same way. Now, is he asking for a hug or about to catch something?

Alex's hands

My other Kidz n Cats boy doll is Jamie (the now-discontinued Bobo) and they look great together, blue eyed darlings the both of them, hanging around and planning what to play next. The only differences I suppose are the different hair colours and slightly different styles but you’d not mistake one for t’other, demonstrating Sonja Hartmann’s real skill in ensuring each doll stands out from the crowd.

Alex and Jamie portrait

Jamie has the edge in terms of looks and is my favourite of the two but Alex comes a very close second here and deserves a place in anybody’s collection, or as a special friend for a little girl (or boy).

Alexin black & white

Whether he looks like an urchin or a 21st century kid, Alex/Alister is cute as a button, and there can never be too many boy dolls out there.

Image with tweed cap © With Heart and Soul


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  2. I was tracking things back, and this, it seems, is where it started. My Jason just received a couple of Nellie Rose outfits as a (slightly early) second birthday present. 😉

    • He’s getting all grown up *g* glad you and Jason are still happy, yay Nellie Rose – I’ve not checked her site in ages, must do that 🙂

      • You’ll notice she has a new model to show off her boys clothes. 🙂

      • I did indeed! His hair is so scruffy, think I’m glad I decided to resist temptaton and so didn’t get him, good to see him making his debut tho 🙂

      • My Jason’s hair has become a bit scruffy (as my recent photos of him on LJ will show), enough so that I’ve looked around a bit into what it takes to smarten it up…

      • Its a bit scruffy but not too bad.. combing it with a wet comb should work I think (I had to give my Harry Potter doll a good sponging over when i got him as he was all dusty, including his hair..)

  3. I think my Jason’s hair has become somewhat frizzed in places, and at some point I’ll need to give him a new wig. I’ve seen a few articles on the subject, and it doesn’t seem too terrifying. It’s just a question of finding the right wig, suitable glue, and enough courage…

    He’s two (or at least I’ve had him for two years) tomorrow (Thursday). 🙂

    • Eek, not sure i have enough courage for rewigging.. not sure *what* he’s been up to in order to get frizzed mind you! 🙂 Happy birthday to Jason then!

      • I’m not sure either, but his hair feels more like a brillo pad than a sable brush these days. I’ve read a couple of articles that don’t make it sound too terrifying, and I’ve a friend who’s a serious BJD collector who’ll probably have some good advice, too. So if I do try, I hope I’ll be able to avoid making stupid mistakes…

      • Ah, an expert to help always makes these things easier 🙂

      • Indeed. By the way, I’ve put some words and pictures about Jason together. Drop me an email if you’d like to see (and maybe use) them.

      • Yay! Email sent.

      • Oops. Sorry. Just spotted a typo in the email field (which I have now fixed). Also sent you an LJ note with something more direct.

      • Can you tell my brain’s clunking rather slowly today? I’ll send it via LJ…

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