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Alice – Gotz Happy Kidz

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Portrait of Alice

This thoughtful little face belongs to Alice, who is a Gotz doll from the new range of Happy Kidz dolls that were launched in 2012, her official name is Emily. Unlike the Gotz Hannah dolls such as my beloved Katy, the Happy Kidz range have jointed knees and elbows, so are similar to the Kidz n Cats dolls in terms of poseablity, though the body dimensions are closer to Hannah.

The joints on these dolls are a little slimmer than on the Kidz n Cats dolls, the neck and shoulder area is better defined and I notice that the knee joints are higher up than on Kidz n Cats, though it doesn’t seem to make much difference in posing; I think the Kidz n Cats dolls look a little more natural when seated, possible due to this positioning. You can view a bare-bodied comparison of Happy Kidz Emily with Kidz n Cats Tara in an image I found online here.

The Happy Kids dolls seem to be modelled on a slightly older child, the body is less pudgy, with a slightly narrower waist and the face slightly more mature, alth0ugh this as ever depends on the choice of outfit – as you can see from the photo, this stripey dress with tights is something an older kid might choose to wear.

Alice seated

As we can expect from Gotz the doll is made to a very high standard, the joints move freely and she can stand and sit very easily, the eyes are clear and bright and a lot of thought has gone into the mould for the face and limbs. Her hair is also good quality, though not as silky fine as the Hannah doll I have, its taken quite a lot of brushing and styling to gain a little more “life”, though I imagine this means it will stand up better to the stress and strain of a budding little hairdresser owner!

Alice boxed

Here’s the box shot (many thanks to Maxine for the photo) showing Alice/Emily as she first arrives. Her dark blonde hair is in a side parting, held back with a pretty pink headband, one portion of hair is held to the side with a small piece of elastic, like a small ponytail at the front, which looks quite sweet.

Her outfit is most attractive, I really like the long white and pink tunic top with the flared base, and the puffy sleeves work well. She wears white jeans, a pair of knickers under them, and those bright pink plastic croc-style shoes which are likely the height of fashion (and were the first to be swapped for a pair of trainers once I had my doll unboxed..).

From a child’s point of view I think the Happy Kidz dolls offer a lot more in terms of play options than the Hannah dolls, simply due to the extra joints, and as the clothes for the whole Gotz 18″ range fit easily, she really has a lot going for her. Face-wise despite her serene look I think she can be imagined to have a whole range of expressions, and as you can see, her ostensible age in this white outfit seems less than in the darker outfit I’ve shown her wearing.

Alice Posing

Gotz have released new versions of the Happy Kidz dolls for 2013 and have changed around the doll names, the face moulds and which hair colour appears with each doll. Luckily Emily for 2013 is very similar to her previous incarnation, but with a centre parting and small plaits instead of the side parting. Gotz have a more expensive range of jointed dolls,  Classic Kidz, and the Luisa doll in this range bears a closer resemblance to this Emily, so that would be my choice if you can afford the extra cash or can’t find a 2012 doll and want one looking as close to my Alice as possible. For more info on the various dolls from each range check out Maxine’s really useful post over at the My Doll Best Friend blog, which has plenty of photos for reference.

With these jointed dolls, Gotz can really give Kidz n Cats a run for their money, and provide plenty of extra choices and delightful designs to keep us doll-lovers happy.

Alice in black & white

Boxed doll image © My Doll Best Friend
Outfit: Ebay seller


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  1. Great review! I like her serene contemplative look-we humans don’t smile all the time either! Cheers-Sarah

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