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Ariane in the Garden

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Ariane looked so lovely in her pretty blue petal dress it seemed a shame to be stuck indoors, especially on such a lovely sunny June afternoon with the lilacs filling the air with their delicate scent and the clematis in full flower – an ideal backdrop for a photoshoot!

Garden Ariane 1

“Does this look okay? I’m a bit nervous…” says Ariane, trying to relax in front of the camera but getting distracted by a blackbird singing in the tree nearby.

Ariane Garden 2

“How’s this? Be sure and show my pretty sparkly blue shoes, can you see them under the petals of this dress? Here, I’ll make sure they can be seen.. that’s better.”

Ariane Garden 3

“Oh, these flowers are so pretty, I love this shade of pink, look how many blossoms there are. And this is next door’s clematis that prefers our side of the fence because there’s more sun, teehee. We’re flower stealers!”

clematis“Quick, quick, take a snap of just the flowers so everyone can see how lovely they are, with the little yellow stamens and the way the petals get so thin at the edges… the green leaves are just the right shade, don’t you think?”

Ariane Garden 4

“Shall I pick you a flower? No? Yes, they are a bit tiny and fragile I suppose, and a whole stem would spoil what’s out here.. look closer though, I think they have a scent, do they?”

Ariane Garden 5

“Oh, maybe not, its the lilac I can smell. I think these flowers look the best though. Hee, and I forgot to be nervous about the photos, thankyou flowers, very helpful!”

Photoshoot date: June 6th 2013

Doll: Kidz n Cats Ariane

Dress: blue petal dress from My Doll Best Friend

Shoes: Argos Design a Friend range

Clematis: nature & the next-door neighbour!


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  1. So sweet, love the way Ariane’s holding the flowers, oh so gently! I look forward to more outdoor stories, please!

  2. Your wish is my command – er, when its less dull and rainy that is! Sun never coincides with me having the doils and camera ready. Glad you liked, I’m really pleased with the results, not sure the story is as cute as the one your daughter came up with for hers though 🙂


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