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Ariane – Kidz n Cats

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Portrait of Ariane

Portrait of Ariane

Who is this be-ringleted babe? Why, Ariane from the Kidz n Cats range of course. She was my birthday present this year (41, sshhh!) and its taken me a little while to truly fall in love with her, she’s also a bit of a pain to photograph, the light kept catching the “skin” on her face all wrong and making it shiny, but the hair and those blue, blue eyes made it worth persevering.

Ariane was added to the range in 2012 and has 11 joints, including her wrists, increasing her posability and making natural gestures quite easy to achieve, which is great for displaying a doll, much better than having them stand all stiff and regimented.

Ariane poses

Ariane poses

Her outfit is very modern and funky, despite the girly hairstyle I think she’s meant to be quite the tomboy, I especially love the black lace-up soft leather boots that complete her look. She’s wearing a grey long-sleeved top with flower motif, and matching grey leggings made from some shiny nylon fabric, over which the pink velvet skirt with black attached sash/bow/belt detail is fastened. Below that is what looks like stripey tights and then leg warmers, but when I undressed her I found they were all of a piece, which is a little odd but helps keep them in position better than too many layers I guess.

Ariane's outfit laid out flat

Ariane’s outfit laid out flat

This many layers means there’s plenty to mix and match with other outfits, a feature I do appreciate in the Kidz n Cats range, and once again I’d consider this outfit “unique”, certainly very creative fashion designers working at the company. There’s the usual attention to detail also – when I was changing her into a pretty dress I discovered that underneath all those funky clothes was a pretty, lacy knicker and cropped vest set, very cute:

Ariane's pretty underthings

Ariane’s pretty underthings

Her hair is very springy and lifelike set in those ringlets, and the little bows help keep the style clear of her face. I’m not sure how much extra styling this type of hair will withstand, combing the top area before the ringlets proper begin keeps it smooth but I’ve mainly been finger-curling the rest to keep it from going frizzy or flattening out, as I suspect too much brushing or combing would cause. Pulling that mass of hair back with a ribbon would probably work fine, but the ringlets really enhance the look of this doll, one of her main selling points, I feel, so best left alone in my view!

This lovely blue dress really brings out the colour of Ariane's eyes

This lovely blue dress really brings out the colour of Ariane’s eyes

No matter how cool her original look, it was when she donned a blue party frock (the petal dress from My Doll Best Friend, one of my favourite outfits) that I truly realised what a gorgeous doll this is, now the ringlets no longer look out of place, and she’s ready for a photoshoot, to be sure! It just goes to show that “clothes maketh the man”.. well, girl.. well, doll. In any case, the versatility of these dolls in terms of how they look in different settings and styles is half the fun in owning them.


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  1. Your photography does not reveal that you’ve found her in any way difficult to photograph, you’ve got her working the camera well! I love this doll and think if I don’t open one I’ll regret it- I love her blue eyes and curls too. Sonja designs the clothes and goes to the fabric markets in China to find the exact thing she has in mind. It’s days of work round the markets to find the right fabric and embellishments to put to her designs. Re the curly hair she says condition it with a good quality men’s styling cream! See the Features section on my website for hair tips. I’m delighted you like the blue petal dress- thanks!

    • hee, thankyou – you didn’t see the ten or so images I had to ditch, I adore digital cameras, remember how tedious film cameras were? All that waiting only to find the pics were terrible *g* She is adorable, though I think she does better in pretty frocks on the whole, but then all my dolls look fab in that blue petal dress! You can tell Sonia puts hours of thought and detail into her designs, the clothes are so much better quality than even the Zwergnase ones, can imagine the markets give a huge scope for ideas. I’d never have thought of doing that to the hair, thanks for the top 🙂

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