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Hélène – Kidz n Cats

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Another day, another doll – I had the camera out photographing the dolls and decided it was time to introduce my sweet blonde cutie, Hélène.

Hélène is a Kidz n Cats Helen doll (I loved the name but it wasn’t quite right..), which has now been discontinued. A real shame: like Bobo I think she is one of the more attractive dolls in the range, with her long straight blonde hair, big blue eyes, and sweet little face.

Hélène looking cute

Hélène looking cute

She has 9 joints, like all the earlier Kidz n Cats range, which means all her joints save the wrists are articulated (oh, and not the ankles either, but none of the dolls have ankle joints). Here she is dressed in a pretty butterfly print frock made by Nellie Rose, who always has the best designs, its a lovely dress for summer and the metallic lilac peep toe shoes (from My Doll Best Friend) work really well, though I needed to pad them with a little paper to fit Helene’s feet: this is a handy trick when faced with varying foot sizes and a range of shoes.

Hélène posing

Hélène posing

I think Hélène is one of the more expressive dolls, a tilt of the head gives her a coquette-ish look, or she can look demure, or wistful. Her hair is her true beauty though, not many dolls have fringes but its a good look compared to the straight centre-parted style seen on many designs.

Portrait of Hélène

Portrait of Hélène

The hair is very good quality and stays tangle-free with minimal brushing, the length and weight of it make it more tricky to style but a simple pony tail or even bunches are most effective.

Kidz n Cats outfits are a bit hit and miss in my view, the clothes she came in were the usual layered kind, consisting of a blue pull-on crop top with loose white blouse over it, stripey knee length leggings with white and blue patterned shorts worn on top, and white tie-on deck shoes. She was also wearing knickers and rather than the namesake cat arrived with a straw handbag. I like this outfit, and the pieces work well mix and matched with other wardrobe items, which is handy. Soon after she first arrived I snapped a low-quality pic of her with my phone cam, standing with Bobo, her Kidz n Cats “brother”.

Hélène's original outfit

Hélène’s original outfit

I have four of the Kidz n Cats dolls at the time of posting and they are all very individual, even when sharing face moulds – the joints and the attention to detail play a big part in that, both in terms of quality (the dolls are pretty heavy for their size) and poseablity. I just wish the Helen model was still available in the range as she is just an adorable little girl.


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