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A Girl for All Time – Clementine

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I just read some great news – the fab people behind the award-winning A Girl for All Time dolls, a range of historical dolls based on the family tree of the imagined Marchmont family, have revealed the third doll in the series.

Clementine is from the 1940s and as with the other dolls will have era-specific clothing and a storybook (to buy separately) about her everyday life, based on real historical data. I love her sweet face:

Clementine will be available to buy from September 2013 and I’m sure will be as popular and successfull as the previous two dolls in the range, which are Matilda, a Tudor girl and Amelia, from the Victorian era. Matilda’s dress, evening wear, cloak and nightdress are all beautifully made and sure to delight any little girl (or adult collector, I’m greatly enamoured of this doll!).

Amelia’s clothes are equally enticing, and historically accurate down to even the underwear. She also has her own tea-set made of porcelain which is going straight on my wishlist, methinks.

All dolls are 16″ tall and fairly slender, so likely can’t easily share clothes with the 18″ ranges, but the costumes and detail on the official clothes are what help makes these creations truly special, in my view.

Find out more about the dolls at the official website, A Girl for All Time, where you can also buy everything to do with them.

All images copyright A Girl for All time


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