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It Started with a Katy

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If you’ve noticed the new image in the side bar, that’s the new “mascot” for the blog: Katy is where it all started for me, my first doll as an adult collector.
Portrait of Katy
She’s a 2010 Gotz Hannah and her Dog, and was my present to myself in the winter of that year, a few weeks before Christmas (which proved an excellent reason to get more clothes as presents!). I still remember how impressed I was with the quality of everything to do with her – the weight of the doll itself, the gorgeous hair, which I still think is the nicest of all my dolls thus far, certainly the silkiest. And the details on the clothing, wow. She came dressed in jeans, a grey sparkly sweatshirt and a very sturdy grey felt coat with real buttons, along with boots, and of course the wee dog to take for walks. I fell in love with her instantly, and foolishly thought that was it, I now had a doll, and I would only want one, now wouldn’t I?
Katy posing

Its the eyes that do it for me, so bright and clear:

Katy's eyes

And the hair stays smooth and untangled when you style it (though I’m not great at styling hair, ponytails and clips are my limits thus far!):

Katy with a clip

Numerous dolls, many outfits and much joy later I can safely say that with dolls there’s no such thing as just one, they’re all so different, those cute faces and bodies and of course the clothes, though I have to say Katy seldom wears her original outfit, she looks best in pretty dresses. I had great fun photographing her those first months so there will be plenty of images to add to Flickr and the galleries here as the weeks go by, fun to showcase the different looks, a proper wee fashion shoot was held, not to mention the fun I had posing her with the rather lovely Sigikid horse I found online:

Katy and her Horse

I think the German doll manufacturors have the edge where it comes to doll creation, at least compared to many of the soft bodied US dolls such as American Girl, they’re like real little people, and my parents (both in their 60s) fell in love with Katy as soon as she arrived. They like the clothes and accessories too, fascinated by the detail in little outfits and buttons and press studs, pockets and tiny neat stitching. And the shoes – my dad is really taken with the shoes, especially when it comes to sparkly, strappy sandals, an odd interest to acquire in your later years, I should say. He’s a pushover for cuddly toys as well, mind you..

It just goes to show how much of a timeless appeal Katy and the other dolls have, spanning the generations and giving much delight. So cheers to Katy, without whom this whole blog wouldn’t exist and my obsession would have faltered before it properly began.

And sssh, don’t tell the other dolls but I think Katy holds my heart most of all.


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  1. Katy is beautiful and not made with this eye-hair combination anymore as the Hannah with her dog has brown eyes not blue in 2013. I’m learning to buy these dolls when they come out because Gotz make little changes and then it’s hard to find the treasures when they’re no longer made! I love that your Dad is taken with their shoes!!

  2. I suppose they have to ring the changes but its a shame when they don’t repeat a combination, though brown eyes are less common so maybe its not such a bad thing 🙂 And yeah, so many dolls so little time though… He’s a real pussycat with such things, has no interest in fashion for humans (I once left the house dressed head to foot in black, went shopping and wore the pure white outfit home and he asked “Did you find anything nice?”.. but one pair of sparkly doll sandals or the pretty butterfly dress I got for Helene the other day and he was charmed 🙂

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