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I was determined to introduce Grace “as is” with her original outft and hair style, but now the pics are done I was itching to put her into something different and also see how her hair looks down. The answer? Glorious. Bouffant was the first word that also came to mind as being held up in that style ever since she was made left her hair pretty lively and, well, pouffy, but its dropped a bit now, and looks so pretty held back with the hair band.

Grace (Gotz Hannah) with her hair down

Grace (Gotz Hannah) with her hair down

Here she is ready for the summer, the little white top came from mydollboutique and I’ve no clue where the pink skirt is from actually, I was sorting through some clothes I’d set aside as being “meh”, ready to send to the charity shop to make some little girl’s day, and realised this one was very much not  “meh” and worth adding back into the doll wardrobe. Well, I say wardrobe, the clothes are kept nicely sorted in a large pink canvas box courtesy of IKEA but still… *giggle*

Grace lets her hair down




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  1. Grace certainly does look better with her hair down! She looks so bright and alert too:-) When I was a child (many moons ago!) I always had a black doll, never a white one. Don’t know why! Like you I would be glad to see more ethnic dolls as collectable dolls.

    • Bright little eyes for sure, its always great to see how a change of hairstyle or outfit gives the doll a new look/personality.. There are far too many blue eyed blonde white dolls out there these days so variety is good for sure 🙂

  2. She looks much happier now with her hair relaxed! I do like these photos very much. I hope Gotz bring out Happy Kidz with African and Asian faces, it would be wonderful to have them as jointed dolls.

    • Yep, frames her face so prettily, she was a bit too prim and proper with it tied back for her ballet recital or whatever… 🙂 Now we need an asian or black boy doll, with or without the extra joints!

  3. Hi I’m thinking of buying this doll for my five year old this Xmas. Can you tell me how difficult her hair is to style? I know my daughter will want to brush her hair and try to put it in plaits. I love the multi jointed ones but want to get her a black doll. Also considered Raven from Maru and friends because she’s so pretty and has straight hair but she won’t be available till after Christmas. I got her a designafriend black doll from Argos a couple of years ago but her hair is now a tangled mess so trying to avoid that again. Any suggestions you may have are welcome as you seem very knowledgable thanks a lot.

    • Thanks for asking, I’m sorry to say the hair is really not suitable for brushing and styling, its really dense and wiry, very authentic – I also have the Argos black doll and the hair on that is much easier to style in comparison. I suspect Raven’s hair will be easier to play with (she’s gorgeous, hadn’t realised there was a special edition!), but wouldn’t like to say either way. Bonnie & Pearl do a lovely looking black doll but I’m not sure on the hair there, either. I’d recommend contacting Maxine at My Doll Best Friend for some more suggestions, she stocks a wide range of dolls and she and her daughter often style their hair for blog posts promoting the shop.

    • You might also look at Star by The Dolls House, she has thick black hair, you could contact them for advice. They offer a range of wigs so if the hair did get messy after a couple of years you could replace it quite easily.


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