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Grace – Gotz Hannah (black)

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Meet Grace, who is my Gotz Hannah at the Ballet African American / black doll, I fell in love with her last month thanks to pictures by Maxine from My Doll Best Friend so couldn’t resist adding her.

Grace portrait

She’s utterly gorgeous, as all the Hannah dolls are, the eyes and face are so expressive and her hair is fab. This is the outfit she arrived in, I wanted to take photos before changing her around as she looks so cute, and poses quite nicely.

Grace posing

On the whole I think jointed dolls (Kidz n Cats as well as the Gotz Happy Kids range) are a better design in terms of versatility in posing but she looks pretty good nonetheless. Its great to see ethnic dolls available in the  more expensive play doll ranges, I wish the doll makers would create more dolls along these lines – as it is, Gotz also make an Asian Hannah at the Ballet who is also on  my wishlist. Hopefully posting these pictures shows off how delightful as doll this is, the offical Gotz images don’t really do either of the non-white dolls justice, hence my lack of interet up until now; I think people are missing out on a treat here, Grace is a wee darling for sure!

Grace's fab outfit


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  1. Beautiful photos- more, more is the cry! I agree with you and I’d like to see a jointed Happy Kidz African and Asian doll too, as the jointed dolls are a pleasure to pose. Is this Jamie’s blog then?

  2. I found a ton of pics on my digicam so they’ll turn up soon, also played with Grace’s hair today, taking it out of the ponytail. Tis very.. bouffant.. lol

    And nope not Jamie’s blog, Katy’s if anything, I just had the pic of Jamie to experiment with!

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  4. Your Grace is so gorgeous. I saw your photos when I googled this Hannah doll. From that moment I could not resist. Finally I bought her. 🙂 I can’t stop wondering how cute and beautiful she is. I saw many dolls. Then I looked Hannah again. For me she is the most stunning african american doll. Now I have to choose the right name for her. 🙂
    Thank you for these wonderful photos.

    • She is still one of my favourite dolls, I’m so glad the photos helped you decide & that you like this doll so much, a lot of the photos of this version of Hannah in her box or on the official site just don’t do her justice! Let me know what you decide to name her 🙂

  5. I think her name is Ruby. 🙂
    I agree about the official photos too. Even when I saw her at the store in box at first, I hesitated a bit. She looks much different outside the box. 🙂

    • Hello and welcome to the lovely Ruby then 🙂 I think its the way they have her hair up, so much prettier when you take it out of the ponytail

  6. Looking for the right doll for my granddaughter and I came across Grace. I saw no price listing for her or how she can be purchased. Could you email me. Thanks


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