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Jamie – Kidz n Cats

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Jamie, aka Kidz n Cats Bobo

Jamie, aka Kidz n Cats Bobo

Time to introduce one of the dolls who’ll be turning up here from time to time. This is Jamie, a Kidz n Cats Bobo doll from 2011 – they’ve sadly discontinued the Bobo dolls, which is a shame as he has a very cute face and lovely hair compared to some of the other boy dolls, such as  the newest version of Jakob. He has 9 joints, and poses very nicely. I think his replacement in the range is Tim, who has green eyes where Bobo’s are blue.

His outfit is made by Nellie Rose – for once the top is a pull on affair rather than with velcro or press studs. I think the neckerchief really makes this outfit. The boots are also from her site, lovely supple brown leather with real laces.


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  1. He’s very endearing in this photograph, lovely picture. Well done on setting up this blog! I’m so looking forward to your posts, your photos and seeing all your dolls. I do like the ‘look’ you’ve chosen for your blog, too!

    • Yay, you came to visit already 🙂 glad you like what I’ve done with the place, hope I can make many fun posts, need to get my proper camera out for more pics now.

  2. seekingsomedaysasha

    Oh he’s very cute! I love these blonde Katz & Kids dolls, this one is extra special. Thanks for posting his photo.

    • Glad you like 🙂 Lots more doll pics to come, introducing “the gang”, including a Zwergnase doll (just spotted your post on same on your blog, such cool faces!)

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